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  1. WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD - Taryn Southern - Official Music Video


  3. I THINK I FARTED (Taryn Southern, Shane Dawson, and Joe Nation) - Official Music Video

  4. CRUSH - Taryn Southern - Official Music Video (Internet Stalker) feat. Chester See

  5. COFFEE MAKES ME POO (Taryn Southern) - Official Music Video (Comedy)

  6. THE FOX - What the Fox DIDN'T Say (Ylvis Parody) Music Video by Taryn Southern & VantageShriller

  7. BLURRED LINES - Robin Thicke (Taryn Southern, Julia Price, Elliott Yamin, King Bach Cover)

  8. GOOGLE THAT SHIT - Music Video (Taryn Southern, Rhett & Link, KalebNation, CourneyPants))

  9. REMARKABLE VAGINA (Taryn Southern & Julia Price) - Official Music Video

  10. SINGLE GIRLS - Official Music Video (Taryn Southern)

  11. KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS Official Music Video (The Boner Song) w Taryn Southern

  12. WHERE IS MY GOAT - Fan Remix Mashup

  13. HOT FOR HILLARY - Music Video (Taryn Southern) Hillary for President

  14. GUYS - THEY JUST WANNA BANG YOU (Chester See, Olga Kay, Flula, ExoticJess) - Official Music Video

  15. WRONG HOLE: THE UNTOLD STORY (Taryn Southern, DJ Lubel, & Dennis Haskins)

  16. CALL ME MAYBE Duet with Chester See (Cover of Carly Rae Jepsen)

  17. YOU SUCK, CHRISTMAS! with Taryn Southern - Music Video (Comedy)

  18. TOUCH YOUR BOOBIES (I TOUCH MINE) - Official Music Video

  19. Speed, Sleuthing & Single Moms (MOVIE THERAPY)