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Published on Jan 18, 2014

Had a few people asking me how to make lava runes so here you go! Check the rest of the description for a mini-guide :)

This is the best solo Runecrafting xp in the game.

In this vid I get just over 45k xp/hour. You can do higher with mousekeys/AHK but I just made this to show it's still high xp without them + keep the video accessible to all.


23 Runecrafting - this would be 1 inventory of ess per run, you need 75 for all the pouches to use the exact method in the video.
82 Magic and lunar diplomacy for magic imbue spell - this means you don't need an earth talisman to create the runes.


Creating lava runes is 10.5xp per essence (normally fires are 7xp each), they normally require an earth talisman to be used each time but this is avoided by the "Magic Imbue" spell, which must be used once every run, but one spell will be ok for both the essence in your inventory and in your pouches. They also normally have a 50% chance of success (failed attempts giving 0 xp) but this is avoided with a binding necklace. To make them you must use earth runes on the fire altar. To get there you use the ring of duelling teleport to the duel arena, and to bank you use the castle wars teleport.

A couple of tips and calculations:

For 1m xp you will need approximately 95k earth runes, 95k pure essence, 4.7k astral runes, 585 ring of duelling and 293 binding necklaces as well as roughly 200-250 super energy pots at a very rough guess. This comes out to a cost of about 5.5m (5.5gp/xp). From this you will get 95k lava runes back*, however they're difficult to sell and not worth much so it's not really worth considering them in the cost.
*The spell magic imbue requires fire runes, so either a steam bstaff must be used or you will consume extra lavas (7 per run), making this value incorrect.

Unlike normal runecrafting you can do something immediately after making the runes (teleporting away or starting to empty your pouches)! Using this extra time is a big reason why it can be high xp.

Use the exact pouch + earth rune layout I have and fill from top to bottom so you use the giant pouch the least, this will make it degrade slower so you have less repairing to do.

For every 8 runs you will use 1 necklace, 2 ring of duelling and make 15 sets of lava runes with necklaces charges as well as 1 set of pure ess without the necklace charge (you can do fires or lavas for this, but lavas will get you half xp. fires will get you 2/3 of the xp you get from normal lava crafting.)

When you're running to the mysterious ruins, have your spell book open, click on the ruins then use the magic imbue spell. Using the spell will not stop you from running in to the ruins and will give you enough time to make both sets of runes.

Always have negative weight so you use less energy pots.

Use NPC contact spell to repair your pouches after the large and giant pouch have both degraded. This way you never have to use the abyss, making it faster and safer. If you haven't already, get the abyssal book off the dark mage (by speaking to him), this will make your conversation only 2 dialogue boxes where you just have to click to continue rather than making a selection of chat options!

A screenmarker to show where your pure essence are in your bank helps greatly, personally I use the one from www.screenmarker.com

On a related note, your pure essence/necklaces/rings/energy pots should all be close to each other to make it easier to empty, the top right is the best place in my opinion as it lets you close the bank quicker.

UPDATE: Since an update allowing you to teleport to cwars from the worn items interface it may be worth wearing the rings now instead (it no longer goes to the "where do you want to teleport to?" chat box, saving time)

Recent 1.25m xp day record I did on crystalmathlabs using lava runes: http://duk.im/tracker/track.php?user=...

Music + link: Bonobo - Sapphire

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