THE BLOOD GENERAL Dimension 19 Time-Travel Fractured Soul Ascension 6042




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Published on Aug 26, 2012

This video is a compilation of all the radio shows, 2009-2012, merged together that talked about the Blood General, my duplicate self from another time-line and dimension (Dimension 19).

The Blood General made himself known during a séance in 2009 with Dee Dee and Raviniska. He sent a small object, a pin, and a message for me, KING-Lui. I was told NOT to release the beats I was make to the public due to the govt. troubles it will cause and to keep it to myself.

Later on in 2012 when Dee Dee and Steve from HC took a time- travel trip to another Dimension using the Arm of Time, the Blood General appeared to them as an advanced human man from the far future, 6042!

All people have fractured soul like a mirror with the shattered pieces called "Duplicates" living in other dimensions. Twenty dimensions with twenty duplicates. It has to do with how our soul is. To be able to ascend we need to work to get them together. When we get ourselves together as whole beings, we will be spectacular beings! The beats I made will help you like it did for me and my group on the Awakened forum.

The Blood General is an advanced, powerful human where one of the duplicates was extremely strong and able to gather together all the other duplicates from all the other time-lines and dimensions into one being called the Blood General.

The Blood General has one last duplicate to merge/blend with and that's me, KING-Lui (Ascension-ArchAngel in iTunes). When I am fully merged with all my duplicates I will have FULL memory of all my duplicates, making me a whole person with a whole soul, a whole being, and will actually become a whole, new life-form. Then, there's not too much I couldn't do.

We must have a willingness to progress, to be all that we can be. To keep pushing forward spiritually. Most people are just too stagnant, stuck in their old ways. They will die off as the dinosaurs did! This is the truth. Their bodies and spiritual DNA strands are stuck at the lowest level of the spiritual evolution ladder. Stuck in their endless loop of cause and effect that is the 3rd density reality. Most will NOT ascend because of this.

Only some people, the special ones, are ready to progress to a higher spiritual level. Be one of the special ones to make it. Extinction prevention! Come join us at Awakened! forum to make your own spiritual breakthrough:


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