Corporations Are Bad People





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Published on Aug 9, 2012

Maybe Mitt Romney was right when he said that corporations are people. They're certainly weighing in on

social and political matters with increasing frequency.

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Comments • 1,835

Banter Board
Corporations have acquired too much money and power. The greedy sociopaths who own these corporations are on a set path to destroy our country for their own monetary gain.
No No
+Banter Board Oh god..... You think all corporations are run by sociopaths? Just goes to show how retarded leftists are. It is a shame it is not seen as a mental disorder. Corporations are run by a group of people a fucking HUGE group and you are saying atleast 50% are sociopaths? Another funny logical fallacy you guys have is: 1.) All conservatives are stupid. 2.) Only corporation leaders want conservatives to win. 1&2---> Corporation leaders are stupid. 3. Corporation leaders control our lives!!!! --> Stupid people are controlling your life.... shows what kind of a moron you must be.The government is the biggest corporation there is. They can spend trillions of dollars they don't have. I mean look at what sanders wants to spend vs his tax revenues. Democrats still want what they wanted in the early days of the 1800s (1860s), they want the poor to be dependent of the government unable to fight back (healthcare benefits welfare gun control etc.) and the extermination of the middle class. A 2 class system where the rich rule over the poor just like any socialist state USSR, China, NK and soon Sweden. All though I am not sure if all progressive/socialist politicians know about this since they seem pretty stupid, but the richest of the rich are and thats why they are Liberal: Gates, Buffet, Soros are all Liberals. I know this info wont help you it will cause cognitive disonance you will go to your clique of morons and they will ensure you that I am the moron and that you are the smartest person ever to have walked this planet, just like how somebody would make an upset child happy.
If corporations become people in the USA, wouldn't it become illegal to own them? Discuss.
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thats a good point
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"corperations are people! Where do you think the money goes?!" says the hedge fund owner... They go to off shore accounts to avoid taxes, they go to exchange rates to keep it circulations amongst white collar business men, they go to wealth goods, they NEVER go to the general public except through the wages they pay their employees which A: Is a drop in the bucket compared to what they take in from the rest of the population, B: is nothing since corporations and conservatives are always trying to lower minimum wage and pay their people less. they do everything they can to soak up wealth and do everything to keep it from trickling back down
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+No No  "Inheritance? What do you base that on? All I can do is say the opposite. Useless discussion." That's what I thought. and all this bullshit about you saving dividends and stocks (assuming you're not lying) and acting like that's a viable option for everyone? give me a fucking break. you haven't given answers to anything except for arrogant, hateful and narrow minded you are. Acting like you know all the answers when you operate on a 5th grade level. The only thing that separates you from the average tea bagger is your understanding of terminally used in civic economics
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Mike Gillespie
Why are the majority of the comment threads sympathetic to corporations? Why is never talked about that corporation operate in multiple countries.. You cant vote in elections of multiple countries because it's a conflict of interest. But corporations can donate big $$ to sway elections in all the countries that let them, you don't see how this could backfire for everyone??? What if an arms dealer tried to start a war by getting a warmongering candidate elected in a bunch of countries in an attempt to get a large scale war started and increase profits. That's perfect 100% capitalistically but oh so fucking bad for everyone else but them.
Wesley Letendre
Mike Gillespie when i see the direction of corporations I am constantly reminded of Wayland Yutani(sp) from the Alien movies. with non elected, corporate committees making political decisions. it never ends well in fiction or reality
Bob Lob Law
Dear past Amazing Atheist. Indeed you were right, It has gotten worse. It seems like everyday we rally for or against a company for its ideology's.
Matt Robertson
There's two sides to this. What Romney was saying was that corporations are made up of people, and therefore taxing corporations would be tantamount to taxing consumers in suits. Bullshit. A high-school student taking an accounting class could tell you that's bullshit, because the fat cats at the top of the corporation are setting their own wages. Profit is divided amongst employees, shareholders and managers, and once the shareholders are paid, the managers can do with it what they will under the guise of it being the company's money, which it is The other side, which TJ is addressing, is that when you treat a company like single human being, all you do is give them publicity. That is correct, but the reason they do it could also be as part of a  social responsibility strategy. The best solution here is to go about businesses based on their products and services and just ignore their opinions completely. Leave the issues to intellects, not businessmen
"Soylent Green is people!", Charlton Heston on the movie Soylent Green. That reminds me of a dark and bizarre dude, one who inherited a fortune and was on vacation in France thus avoiding duty in Vietnam, and in turn, dared to say during the presidential election of 2014: "Corporations are people, my friend". That guy lost the election. This guy is known as The Outsource Creator in USA. It was survival of the morally challenged. A land where you could succeed by taking over a company, isolating the good parts, excising the bad, eliminating all of those "pesky" workers, outsourcing their jobs to folks you didn't know -- and about whom you didn't care -- selling off the solid assets, and then moving on to the next victim all the while chiding the hordes of jobless people you created for lack of initiative. Remeber the man? Yes, ...romney.
What I don't get is how someone who so loves RIGHTS will still say, "Oh? Force everyone to buy healthcare? Even if they don't want it? Sounds like a good, freedom-of-choice move to me!" I don't agree with mandatory car insurance or any of this mandatory nonsense. Does everyone really think it's a great idea?
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+AtariMaxiToriyama It doesn't matter what you can pay for to buy YOURSELF. It matters if you can afford to destroy the property of others. You don't get to destroy someone's Mercedes and then tell them that all you can afford to replace it is a shitty 1994 Civic from someone's front lawn.  You may claim that you'll never get into an accident, that you're a perfect driver who will never make a mistake, but that's pretty common until it actually happens. The reason why you need to be put in this situation is because people like you lack empathy and the ability to comprehend scenarios such as this until you are put in that situation yourself. There are a lot of scenarios I'd love to force retarded cons like yourself into, since you're too intellectually and emotionally stunted to comprehend the matter outside of personal experience.
+Vaguenoodle Hah! Isn't it a little over-the-top to wish a lifetime of pain and misery on a man because of his "attitude"? I've digressed, however. Your argument seems to still be that since it can potentially be a good thing, we should be forced like peasants in a monarchy to adhere to subjective rules imposed upon us. I've given you one peradventure which you have failed to address to my satisfaction, but here's another: The cost of living sucks, but now, just to GET TO WORK, I am forced to pay, from my already pathetic wages, just for the privilege of driving to my job. How many people can pay for a ten-thousand dollar car? That is irrelevant, since used cars are better deals all around, but how many persons can afford to pay rent, internet, for gasoline, food, AND car insurance? Oh, people do it, alright, and live slightly better than hobos. Despite all of this arguing, I'm STILL amazed that an American citizen is basically saying, "I think the government should tell us what to do." You know it has been established in many cases that all of this mandatory nonsense is what gives persons the peace of mind to drive recklessly. I'm sure the absentminded moron behind you would be more careful if he was not positive his insurance would cover it.
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Emily Malone
The Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2010 gave corporations free "speech" (speech meaning $) rights. As things stand now, corporations LEGALLY BRIBE our elected officials of BOTH political parties.  So while I agree that corporations shouldn't have Constitutional rights or be entitled to opinions, the fact is that they ARE entitled to these things currently, and they exert a HUGE amount of influence on public policy.   We must overturn the fascist court decision "Citizens United."  To effectively do this, we need a Constitutional Amendment that states that only PEOPLE are entitled to Constitutional rights: https://movetoamend.org/
Yootoob Blows
lol "his mansion living in ass"
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