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Published on Nov 8, 2008

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hey i really need you to do me a favor please. i know you dont know me much. and you dont really have to do this but its for my friend. you may know the pker "n0n mager" http://www.youtube.com/user/nonmager
well he is offering firecape services.. well hes a scammer and he doesnt deserve the fame he has for being such a hacker.. he hacked my frined "i liberate"
so i was wondering if you could do me this huge favor and post a vid saying that you shoul never trust him please.

proof hes a scammer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVURhP...

atleast think about it plz

ignore the intro.. its not pk vid 2 rofl i cant clame it as pk vid 2 its wayyyy to short..

just me pking a little would of been longer but manny ppl kept rushing me to upload it
cheak out my first page (he onnly got 1 clip of me and ags. but its ther so u can sub hes gonna be makin vids soon

yes i know the vid is short meh.. it wouldnt be if u guys/girls stoped telling me "dude just upload what ever u got" so i did lol hope u like


msi-brooklyn hype


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