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Published on Jan 21, 2012

The war had raged on for many, many years. The kingdom was a pure land, full of honest and chaste people, dedicating their lives to serving others. When the demons came, they did not despair. Rather, they fought on with the courage and strength given to them from their faith. So many creatures had come, however. So many lives sacrificed in defense of their holy ways. As the final creature of the Abyss was slain, the holy temple was the last bastion of hope still standing amid the ruins.

The king, who was also the land's spiritual leader, was overcome with painful loss. So many had died this day, so many families torn apart. Stealing himself from his grief, and gathering his remaining strength, as well as the strength from his people, he granted the fallen the proper homage they deserved. The king's body began to glow with a pure, white light, a radiance that outshone the sun itself. The few survivors also joined in and began to sing. The combination of reverent singing and divine magic began to coalesce into filaments of brilliant energy. The energy flowed over the fallen, enveloping them in the same white light as the king.

Once the energy had touched each of the fallen, and the combined might of magic and holy hymn completed, the very heavens opened up and brilliant beings of light descended upon the dead. Tears of joy came from all survivors who witnessed this glorious event. The number of angels who had come to retrieve the dead was immeasurable. They carefully took the bodies and carried them through the clouds into heaven, granting a peace among the survivors that was so profound it caused them all to collapse from an abundance of emotion.

The kingdom would live on, as would the ways of its people. The valiant who died in defense of their faith and freedoms had secured themselves a place in heaven.

Track List:
One: Amphibious Zoo - Fly Your Dragon
0:00 -- 0:58
Two: Two Steps From Hell - Magic of Love
0:58 -- 2:06
Three: Future World Music - Road To Salvation
2:06 -- 2:47
Four: Mark Petrie - Arise Victorious
2:47 -- 3:22
Five: PostHaste Music - Renewed Spirit
3:22 -- 4:04
Six: Gina Brigida - Ring Of Enchantment
4:04 -- 4:58
Seven: Brand X Music - Dawn of Discovery
4:58 -- 6:23
Eight: Sonic Symphony - Wheels of Justice
6:23 -- 7:28
Nine: PostHaste Music - Guardians
7:28 -- 8:30
Ten: Amphibious Zoo - Fantasy Island
8:30 -- 8:55
Eleven: Killer Tracks - Elysium Dreams
8:55 -- 9:33
Twelve: Future World Music - Damnum Et Triumphus
9:33 -- 10:53
Thirteen: Brand X Music - Eternal Flame
10:53 -- 11:54
Fourteen: Future World Music - Tribute
11:54 -- 12:36
Fifteen: Thomas Bergersen - A Place in Heaven
12:36 -- 14:40

Dark Souls
Deus Ex
Diablo III
Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core
Final Fantasy IV
Kingdom Under Fire II
Lineage II
Might & Magic Heroes VI
Magic The Gathering - Duels of the Planes Walkers

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