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Published on Dec 8, 2009

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Will I Get Big & Bulky If I Lift Weights?

This question comes up a lot from my female clients. And the answer is; Absolutely not!

In fact; gaining more muscle through resistance exercises is an integral part of any well rounded fitness / fat loss program.

Having more muscle on your frame is the best fat burning friend that you will ever have.

Below are some advantages to including resistance training / lifting weights in your fitness / fat loss routine along with a sound nutrition program; a strong positive mindset, and a social support plan.

Muscle is 5 times more dense than Fat

Since a pound of fat takes up 5 times the amount of space on your body; when you gain a pound of muscle and lose a pound of fat, your scale weight stays the same. But you get smaller, and you take up less space in the room. You get that toned look you are looking for.

I can understand why many uninformed females may be scared to lift weights. They have visions of steroid bloated females with veins running through there biceps and chests. They think lifting weights means throwing heavy weights around like hee-men. These women are totally out of balance. 99% of all women do not have the testosterone running through their veins to gain muscle like guys.

It is a common misconception that muscle weighs more than fat. You see a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. They just take up different amounts of space. Comparing muscle & fat is like comparing lead and feathers.

By being able to visually compare fat and muscle with our models we can start to understand how our limbs will be smaller & more firm when we add muscle and lose fat.

Burn more calories 24 hours a day / 7 days per week

Another great advantage to gaining muscle through resistance training is that you burn more calories 24/7. You see muscle demands energy to sit on your frame. For every pound of muscle that you gain in the future that you dont have now, your body will burn 50-70 calories more per day. Add 10 lbs. of muscle through an intelligent fitness program (which is very possible) and you will burn 500 700 calories more per day.

Muscle is anabolic and burns calories sitting there, even when you are sleeping at night.
Fat not only looks ugly, takes up 5 times more space, and burns 0 calories. And more and more research is pointing out how dangerous abdominal & inter-abdominal fat is. Thats right, the fat can get underneath the muscle and reap havoc on you organs & your health. So lowering your body fat is not just a cosmetic thing.

If you do just cardio for your fat loss program & you have to do cardio every time you want to burn calories. Build muscle through weight training; and you will burn extra calories every second of every day.

One of the #1 ways to fight Osteoporosis

You see, your bones are very porous and soft. As we get older, your bones become brittle and less dense. Especially for those of us who are inactive.

When you engage in resistance training you put more tension on the muscles that in turn, puts more pressure on the bones. When you contract the muscle during weight training you put more pressure on the bones. And then when you build more muscle and make the muscle that you already have stronger, you also put more constant pressure on the bones because of the added muscle mass & density.

For the same reason that coal & diamonds are formed under ground through constant & steady pressure; your bones become stronger and more dense. This is great news for you gals as you age.

We have had many clients that have amazed their doctors by reversing osteoporosis & ostreopinia by lifting weights a couple times per week. When it comes to fighting Osteoporosis, stay off the meds & get going with the weights. A walking lunge exercise is a great way to build bone density in the hips. You can even do it with no weights.

You have the ability to sculpt your physique

You see; when you start out a pear shape and lose weight by calorie restriction and or cardio work alone, you will simply end up with a smaller pear shape. You may look ok in clothes but I promise you that you will still be smooth and flabby.

Where; as by including weight training in you program you have the ability to put size on your shoulders, buns, arms, back, & chest. You are the sculptor and can create any changes that you want.
Your Healthy LifeStyle Coach,

Darin Steen

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Delcari Knighton
Looks like john cena
Theresa Gaignard
Sorry, I disagree. Lifting weights the wrong way can definitely make you bulky.  (Also, I hate the fat/muscle analogy that so many men use to prove that weight lifting won't make you bulky.  Yes fat takes up more room than muscle, but too much muscle is bulky looking. Period. Look at so many of those CrossFit chicks. Many are wicked bulky.  Not the look many of us ladies are looking for.  I mean, some people like that look.  To each his own. I don't.)  Listen, I used to lift weights in my 20s. I was a size 2 and very fit back in the day. I lifted for about ten years.  I never got bulky because I did many reps and lighter weights.  What is "light"? I bench-pressed 90 pounds and did about 40 - 50 pound military presses, etc.  I never pushed to go higher or to fatigue. For instance, I just did a lot of reps (three sets of 20) of everything.  My workouts lasted about an hour (warm up, workout, cool down and stretching).  If you want lean muscle, dance, play, get in your cardio, and do light weight lifting.  Oh, and eat a lot of lean protein.  Keep refined carbs to special ocassions!   (No, I'm no longer in shape, but I just signed up for CrossFit and will just stand firm that I do not plan to go hog wild in the manner that they advocate.  Wish me luck with it!)
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phil hems
10 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. Even on the juice it would be hard and then most would be water weight. You just lost all credibility.
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Tawfiq Nsair
LOLLLLLL 10 pounds in 12 weeks??? who are you kidding?  more like a year
Zaliko Panjakidze
Hey guys. Very good clip. My bro was once overweight. He went from 279 lbs of fat into 219 lbs of total lean muscle. We think it is phenomenal! I just subscribed myself as I must enhance my entire physique. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...
Victor Herrera
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Alexander Vaara
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Dean Conlon
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Boris Kornic
If you seriously want to lose weight, you should search google for Fat Blast Furnace. You are bound to get the body you deserve.
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