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Published on Jun 4, 2007

(this video's music is not mine. it is made by the band "the red jumpsuit apparatus". these are meerly lyrics for your enjoyment) I DO NOT ADVERTISE ON MY VIDEOS especially ones such as these where the music is not my own, so please DO NOT message me asking to advertise. Thank you
Your Guardian Angel Lyrics by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


Thank you everyone for taking the time to watch my video. I never expected to receive this many views for a simple lyrics video. This has sparked many subscribers and views on my other videos, and I cannot be happier. I enjoy every message people send to me, and am up for any conversation you would like to have with me. I can also be a neutral observer as you describe your intimate relationships or feelings.

I thank you all for being mature enough to not start fights or talk offensively about someone and their comments. If someone takes the time to write about their life and opinions, they should not be criticized for doing so. I will do my best to weed out the offensive comments, but with the comments and views on this video, I cannot guarantee I will be able to remove every one. If there is a comment that has offended you, feel free to message me asking for the removal of such comment.

Thank you very much again, and I hope you enjoy this video, along with my others if you choose to view them. I am not into self promoting or promoting others who have messaged me asking to advertise. Take care and I wish all the best in your long trek of life.

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Everyone's here talking about their boyfriends and I'm just sitting here like, "I like this song. This is a nice song for me and my invisible boyfriend." .--.
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hector meza
Celina E w22
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I remember when I almost took my life to this song. I thought it was over once I found out my ex cheated on me. My first love, the first girl I put everything in to. I had a talk with my mom and she helped me so SO much, it's incredible that I'm still standing. I'm 24 now, and all that was 9 years ago, while I was in high school. This song goes out to my mom. May you rest in peace, mama. You'll always be my #1 woman in my life. And my wife loved you as much as I did, too. I'm so sorry you couldn't meet your grandchildren. I'll make sure my son knows how much of an amazing woman you were to me and my wife while we were growing up before you lost your life. I love you. So much.
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Everyone goes through it in some way. Things that people think happen to them, happen for you also.
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Draco Malfoy
listen in 2016
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Vedansh Singh
May 5 .....
Unicorm Hi!
Draco Malfoy SAME
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Jerick Mico
9 years ago.... my God, let that sink in guys
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maliKent speC
Morgan Dakota ...hey well ...i know how this might sound have to try and understand the lyrics ..i know im going to get judged for this but...its basically the devil talking to its people and it understands that time is running out for sorry but to me its so clear like, beyond a doubt. ..and also by expressing my opinion i am in no way trying to force or convince anyone to believe as i do...juss sayin😉
Morgan Dakota
maliKent speC what's the message? I'm curious now.
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Gary Evans
A bit of advice for everyone. When you find love don't screw it up
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Gary Evans it's kinda hard in my situation
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adverbialphrases yh
My guardian angel is Castiel.
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Yara Jeries
Sorry, but that is Sam and Dean's guardian angel
Scotty is Castiel and hes watching over us so we don't become idjits
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I can't help but crying every time I hear this song because my ex-girlfriend told me she loved this song and she died in a car crash while we were dating. So every time I listen to it, all I can think about is her, even though she died over 2 and a half years ago. I guess she is my guardian angel now
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Chickie Nuggie
and then the car clapped
Bell Idrael
You act like just because it's been two and a half years you should suddenly stop thinking about her.
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The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,The click Five,Secondhand Serenade,anyone??
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Amanda Harris
I haven't heard of the click five but red jumpsuit apparatus and secondhand serenade! Hell yah! Btw Did you know that the guy from secondhand serenade got married yesterday?
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Gabrielle Knudtson
I sing this to my son.. he's only 4 months old. I know it's supposed to be a romantic love song but as his mother I vow to be there for him even if it kills me ❤
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My sister sung this to me when I was little and she got to the part "please don't walk away" and I cried because I thought she was going somewhere. I'm now listening to it fully because it's not just love between a couple but for someone who you love dearly <3 <3
Anais Martin
Gabrielle Knudtson back as a teenager this song had such a different meaning. But I agree too, that now when I listen to this song, I sing it for my boys.
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My guardian angel was someone, until suicide struck. Brittney 💔.
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I feel your pain. My crush committed suicide almost one year ago and I never got to tell him how I felt. :'( I have been devastated ever since. I hope you are doing better.
freedom is my drug
I know how you feel
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