Rouzer Flip-flops on supporting the Paul Ryan Budget





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Published on Apr 18, 2012



Pantano asks, "What do you REALLY believe Senator Rouzer? How will you protect our seniors? How will you protect Social Security and Medicare? You have avoided the issue for 10 months, and now you have flip-flopped in the last two debates. What is your plan to deal with the Deficit, Taxes, Defense, Social Security, Medicare and the Debt? The voters need more than a soundbite, they deserve a real plan."

Wilmington, Today: Today, 2010 NC-7 GOP nominee and conservative Republican Ilario Pantano called on State Senator David Rouzer to clarify his position on the Republican budget plan. In two consecutive debates -- the first in Johnston County (4/9/12), the second in New Hanover County (4/17/12) -- Rouzer was "for it" before he was "against it" with two different audiences. The waffling came only after Rouzer was asked directly by an audience member in his home county. Prior to that, the Senator had avoided the issue of social security entirely for the previous 10 months of his campaign choosing instead to stay away from offering any real solutions.

The Republican budget plan that Pantano supports but that Sen. Rouzer avoided committing to, and then waffled on, has drawn Democrat attacks at the Presidential and Congressional levels. The plan includes measures that would make both Social Security and Medicare permanently solvent, ensuring seniors -- both current and future -- receive the benefits they have been promised.

Meanwhile, a new government report released on Monday paints an even more dire picture about the solvency of Social Security and Medicare. The report makes adoption of a real plan more urgent as it forecasts that Social Security will exhaust its reserves for disability payments years earlier than previously expected. If the program becomes insolvent, benefits would automatically be cut by roughly 25%. Even the Obama administration appointees have conceded that it is time to act to save Social Security and Medicare.

Ilario Pantano, author, businessman, and Marine veteran of two wars, said the following:

"Leadership does not mean ducking the hard decisions for a political career. My version of leadership is taking a stand on important issues and working to build consensus from the facts. My opponent's version is refusing to comment for almost a year on the most pressing issue facing our congress, the budget, and then flip-flopping within the course of a week."

Pantano continued: "Our debt, our tax rates, and the solvency of Social Security and Medicare are national security issues by virtue of their importance. It is unacceptable that my opponent has dodged and evaded on this, just as he dodged and evaded on amnesty. The issue of protecting Social Security and Medicare will be one of the key issues of the Presidential and Congressional elections. We already have a Congressman that hides in the shadows on the critical issues facing our country."

"I have been advocating for a plan to save Social Security and Medicare for our seniors for more than two years, including times when it was politically risky or unpopular to do so. I have supported Rep. Paul Ryan's reforms early on -- despite the political risk -- and I was the target of over $2 million in Democratic attack ads as a result. Rouzer, on the other hand, ran from the issue until confronted with a question at a debate. Is that leadership?

Pantano has also signed the CUT, CAP and BALANCE pledge, which would immediately make substantial cuts in spending to reduce the deficit, enforce spending caps, and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Rouzer has refused to support Cut, Cap, and Balance leaving Pantano to ask the question, "So what do you really believe, Senator Rouzer?"

To watch Rouzer's flip-flop on the plan to preserve Social Security and Medicare, click here:http://youtu.be/jQ2LOcPvB7c

Additionally Rouzer has not supported the Cut Cap Balance Plan, which Pantano Has. See here: http://www.cutcapandbalanceact.com/ca...

Read a Wall Street Journal on the Social Security/Medicare report here:

Stress Rises on Social Security : Report Says Program Will Exhaust Reserves Three Years Earlier Than Expected:



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