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Published on Aug 15, 2011

Shotty Horroh's 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.

:: Charlie Sloth ::
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MCFCRuss Brown
why the fucks he chattin in an American accent, you're from Manny lad
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Abhinav Joshi
Charlie Sloth Fire in the Booth Yo, they say that I'm so cold I'm freezin I say that I'm so cold I'm stone cold I'm Steven I roll with some Kimbos and lyoto machidas They'll squeeze a choke hold and theres no hope for breathin We would need goldberg, joe rogan speakin A replay role and a slow motion sequence But we dont go for the promos and speeches Nah they know its straight beers when the logos are featured My flows strong enough that you dont throw parisian Punch lines that punch a old hole through liban Im the one that theres no coaches teachin I approach the whole scene with my own goals and reasons Ima show your whole team that theres no hopes to seize em My regime are all champs and we hold trophies even Muhammad ali, show ropes to weaklings Im the king of the ring in my own throne im seated Im a kuma using numerous sodukens you could try it Try infusin guku ryu ken and byson I ain't lying you are losing if you choose to fight a lightening Human you are chewed if i am in the mood for dinin I am deep and you will need a suit thats used for scuba diving Try and breath and lose the use of them two lungs thats infused inside ya Like a nuke n two bazookas that is boomin through the mic Every trooper u are using wants to move onto my side Cuz i am leonidas, goliath leader of the giant With a piece of midas I am deeper than poseidon In my eagle eye i I spy them speakin on the snydy I am higher paranoid Back up boy dont wanna try it Thats alright, i dont mind I want the number one head band Never measure a man off his cheddar or his chest band I kick it, my punch lines dump like lead hand My only past forward Block it youre dead man More than a large fraction Forced in the game With a force of a train On course On the fours of a car crashing Of course man i'm barbaric Something from the olden days Pull rappers offa schools and stuff em in a trophy case May day mayday ,everyday is pay day Watch me eff this bitch up like ray jay, ey mate Swag is immaculate so they want to jack it like spray way You man are actors like you got me laughin like day day High rise dont be leavin us round your lay day We'll pick her up ey ey And battery her like aa You heard the funny stuff that they say Theyre tryina catch up theyre still buzzin off of the dre day Ey And im just buzzin off my * And i dont give an eff its charlie sloth what could they say Ey (shotty horroh in the building man, aww yeah) Manny manny manny (..hadouken, sonic boom) (ah man you're doing it man you're doing it... causin a problem out here brotha Well you got more for me tho yeah?) (i got fire for you right now) ... We'll get them something a lil more serious...) Ey ey ey ey ey.. charlie sloth, 1 extra Talk about hunger my stomach rumble when im eatin You can hear the struggle in me pumpin through the speakers, i need this Coming from the slum that looks for jesus But only finds his features on diamond encrusted pieces We live Amongst a bunch of blood suckers and leeches A number of crooked policemen and hookers with diseases Youngers pushin drugs They need money for adidas Im just trying to make sure my niece amelia doesnt see this Thats why i change my brethren in connection to the streeth ish Because people youre judged by the company you keep now i see this Now i only associate with people who dream big but Not only dream but turn them dreams to achievements I remember when it rained It leaked through the ceiling and to keep the carpet from soakin We throwed a boat beneath it and the heat it went We was feelin colder than a freezer I ain't never doing that again and you know Ey i never sleep Cuz sleep is the cousin of death Im wide awake writin tapes at the foot of my bed I've been * fillin rooms * with the pucker * Im in the booth killin tunes leavin puddles of sweat Im just doing what im doing i dont look for respect Respect, looks for me cuz it looks for the best Young'n, and get you know parts study my steps Why you rappers standin round me always lookin depressed Cuz, before shotty spat You would f up the decks Spit a lil 16 And then pull the set I said Give me a second just to muster my breath And you can hear the new shakespeare stood in the flesh So if the fans playin their tape push the eject Grab the one thats labeled shotty and then bust instead Because im serious, this ain't just a hustle for bread This is me being elite, trust me when i said That this is for everybody that didn't give me a chance Now they're taking pictures of me in my victory stance Liftin my hand as if i was grippin a picket or flag Saying believe me im achievin every mission i had I ain't been dreamin im forseein im depicting plan Choosin a root to push it through as i scribble a map Ey All you fake spitters give me dap As they make sure the blade is big enough to stick in my back Im still, pickin a scabs off a list of a traps (?) Whens last time somebody show em theres a bitch and man But off it Couldve envision this shit in advance .... give dem a chance I ain't mad thats the nature of the beast If u in her u ain't eatin a dinner She would eat you for dinner But im on this Lookin for a feast not a finna But im on this When i peep in the mirror All i see is a winner, ey The wise climber takes a plan on the way up Cuz failing to plan is planning to fail I say gravitys frail So im huntin something adam can scale Cuz hunger is to wind to my mast when i sail Im sayin He who never holds the hammer and nail Should never pierce the skin of my character make up Cuz i rely on my own self body and soul Self reliance faith hard work and honesty shows Perseverence is the child of thought Thoughts the child of action I hate to see how wild i was actin Back then I stretched for the moon and couldn't reach The whole time neglecting the beauty under my feet I used to strike while the irons hot Now i make it hot by striking I couldn't be stopped by lightening Preparation and execution is what my life is Failure ain't the pen i write with Horroh Manny manny manny High rise entertainment Brute force records Shout to edgy, hoodman, garbage Shout to briggzy, lab battles, whats goin on man (keepin them levels high my brother, you got more for me yeh?) (i got more man..) Say that horroh three times You'll see a demon at once speakin a beast that has spun No need for ouijes and songs Youll need a priest and a preacher and people who speak in tongues And demonologist monitorin frequencies im on Im the beast Im the creak up in the ceiling in the loft Im the feelin of unease when you feel you're being watched, shots The people said that theres a creature on the block It's a nightmare and everybodys screamin cuz of shot ey Your effin nightmare haunt a man out lyrically Never fight fair when i caught a man dissin me Call this gal quickely Drag her out homeboy's bed room Its all paranormal activity Im the reason they sleep with the light on The boogie man mutha fucka this is my song So if somethings going pumpin tonight I just comfort your wife Dont worry its alright, ey Who wants to speak through an exorcism or seance Whispers in the distance and pigments sketchin in crayons Horrohs like a llama yeah i drag em straight to hell To me theyre just another pathetic spirit to prey on Ey im Either i'm in need of medication or theres demons in my region and People are levitatin, someone stop it Did you hear that sound? They say shottys in sight dont go near that house ey You know when horroh enters the spot Hairs go up on your neck, room temperatures will drop You can feel it Bad feelins Fuckin up the air Screams and light feet are runnin up the stairs Im the reason they sleep with the lights on The boogie man mutha fucka this is my song So if somethings goin bumpin tonight I just, comfort your wife dont worry ey, ey Young soldier tell your crew to back off Put the safety on the mouth dont be shootin that off You sound stupid thats all Only luther van dross made music that soft Im the next lex luther im the future bad boss I will eat a superhero with your superman sauce Oh well super man lost Im shots im dirtier than sewer rats claws Make you look as small as chubucabraws Used to have dwarfism Youd be that short you Cucarachas shouldn't move on that floor I squash bugs with my shoes on that floor yeh Youd be that thor Where did he go But he was rarin to go It was there but it was there when he choked Theres no one there bc i'm there on my own And my name is horroh im the heir to the throne Ey I told them give it up like they're misses wood If i give the look And i push... pushin (?) past your love Listen up You should give it up like you're quittin bud Theres enough silly little scrubs in my city plus Know, that you spit the shit i bust with my little nuts I done been through adolescence adam was a little pup Im a full grown doberman standing over his ogling Im going through throat i think my dinners up Spirit of machiavelli with me when i hit em up The big swan in the pond Hes just a sittin duck You must be thick as fuck There must be something on the punch line To leave them on the back like they're sittin up Stick em up Open up the rizzla and get the lemon lit Till my eyes are blurred like a picture of a terrorist Im tellin just Charlie sloth knows this is my house Im about to end it now and put the mic down 1 xtra Ey (oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooo.....) Gimme my crown man gimme my crown man Exactly Brute force
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Lord Of The Slums
enough with the broken glass effect jesus
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3:25 "I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death" Got ILL right there.
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Theese americans saying we cant rap cos they made it bitch stfu we made the language.
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Jake Mandas
Stop disrespecting sloth, the guy is the reason why we can see artists like this on the tube. He might be over the top but i'd rather that then some lad who didn't give a fuck about the scene. props from Australia word em up
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Berj Yepremian
Why don't the best of the best get the views they deserve? gangam style or whatever gets over a billion and this just gets half a million? I wanna hear more
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Joe Morris
Who's Eminem again? Killed it Shotty! 👊🏻
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charlie sloth is hands down the most annoying pathetic dj in the world
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Jesse Pinkman
Shotty Horroh is a G
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