Final Fantasy 7 - All Lucky Sevens Edition - Ivory Top 10 FF7 music (5-1)





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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2012

Same as last video. If this all sounds like a loud of twaddle. Just go with the arguement "it just sounds nice to me" k?

5. World Crisis
A longer piece that mixes just and jazzes many of the other themes in the game. Changing rapidly from fast to slow and back. Listening to it shows in the minds eye moments of calm and extreme danger. Of victory and close defeat. And the ending of the fight for the planet.
This theme is amazingly well presented as a rollercoaster of a track. Switching from fast paced to slow in the blink of an eye. You can almost picture the crisis in your head. Then with the thrilling climax you can feel that the crisis is averted through the powerful notes until it settles and slowly fades out. You feel a sense of achievement (100g - World saved) that you've done right when the credits roll. And even when youre listening to it out of game.

4. Flow of life
Slow paced with a little cosmo canyon flavor added to the mix, helps bungenhagen explain the world to our heroes. Peaceful and calming it really makes you think of the flow of your own life.
This is a piece of music i find to be hard to explain. It's like it explains itself through the notes it plays. Its a piece you can close your eyes and lose yourself in.

3. Still more fighting
An upbeat and exciting track that just screams "the little hand says its time to rock and roll". Fast paced guitars help bring the battle to lifeas you fight for your life. For victory!
This piece really gets me pumped when i listen to it. I feel myself getting lost in the music and in the fight. Doing what i can for victory and yet wanting it to continue. Then the feel of satisfaction after winning the battle and the sweet sweet victory that comes with it.

2. Aeriths theme
A theme that is well known with gamers as a piece that fits perfectly with the young Cetras early demise. A theme that pulls on the heartstrings and showed men that its ok to cry. This theme as always stuck with me due to my love for Aerith as a character. It's slow and calming showing Aeriths peaceful naturein the notes of the song while also singing of the sacrifices she made in the sad tones.

1. Interrupted by fireworks
A calming and beautiful piece that showed thriugh all the mayhem that was happening during the game that there is still time for love to blosson and for hard fighting heroes to have some peace.
This is a theme that i often listen to when i have some alone time. The music makes me feel warm inside and brings a smile to my face. I can almost imagine being with someone i love under the nights sky as fireworks dance in the air here and there. Its a beautiful thing to think about. This is a song that weaves a tale of love...and we all love


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