Tx Trooper Punished & Forced To Be Retrained For What He Did In This Video





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Published on Nov 21, 2010

http://DontWakeMeUp.org The TX Dept. of Public Safety officially admitted wrongdoing in this case. The two troopers were punished, had corrective action taken against them, and were forced to undergo retraining. Official admissions and federal court documents here:

TX Troopers Forced To Admit "The Passenger Is Under No Obligation To Comply With Request For ID" in Federal Court http://libertyfight.com/2013/tx_troop...

http://libertyfight.com Transcript of exchange below. Texas Troopers (Texas Department of Public Safety) has officially admitted wrongdoing in this case in response to an official complaint. Full story at http://DontWakeMeUp.org .

TX DPS in this case officially admitted wrongdoing. The cop in this case, what you watched in this short video,, was PUNISHED and forced to undergo retraining. This video is part 3 of three. full legal documents and part 1/3 is here. http://libertyfight.com/2013/tx_troop... This is the only case where it has been admitted in FEDERAL COURT that the TX DPS admit that "the passenger is under NO OBLIGATION" TO COMPLY WITH REQUESTS FOR ID. Both officers were punished, had 'corrective action' taken against them, and were forced to undergo RETRAINING.

This exchange between an off-duty trucker & two Texas cops is documented in 3 parts. Total of the entire exchange is less than 5 minutes. Part 1 is here: Off Duty Driver refuses to show ID to Texas DOT inspector http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjiabc...

Part 2 is here: Texas State Trooper threatens arrest of driver for not showing ID

Texas State Trooper: So I mean, I don't know how far you want to take it- But in Texas, if you fail to ID, that's a jailable offense.

Driver: Right. that's why I asked her specifically- first of all she wasn't a police officer, so that doesn't even apply- you're different positions right?

Trooper: Right. She's an inspector.

Driver: Right.

Trooper: But, when the federal motor carrier stuff- when you're in the vehicle, and you're being inspected, and- your log book is off limits, I mean, if you're not driving, unless you're sitting up here.

Driver: Right.

Trooper: If you're in the sleeper berth, then sure, we don't have any right to ask for your logbook, but we damn sure can ID you.

Driver: You have a right to wake up the person in the sleeper?

Trooper: Yes we do.

Driver: Oh. Okay. Does she or do you?

Trooper: She does too.

Driver: Oh okay.

Trooper: She can enforce the federal motor carrier law but as far as state law goes, you know that's part of the penal code. I don't know what ya'll call it in California

Driver: Vehicle code.

Trooper: Well, vehicle code, is probably for traffic. We're talking about criminal law.

Driver: Oh okay.

Trooper: I don't know what it is in California but in Texas, when we have a vehicle stop, we ID everybody in the vehicle. Truck drivers, everybody.

Driver: Okay.

Trooper: Because I mean we get a lot of people that are wanted. Uh, we get runaways, and- of course you're not a runaway. But I mean we get juveniles and stuff like that that are runaways. So it's a common practice for us to ID everybody in the vehicle. That cuts out 'well why'd you ID me and, ya know, uh the last two vehicles you didn't ID everybody'. We ID everybody. We stop you, everybody's getting out.

Driver: Okay.

Trooper: Does that make sense?

Driver: Yeah it makes sense. So this is a demand, not a request?

Trooper: I'm telling you.

Driver: Alright. That's different than what she says. So you're the peace officer; so the fed tells the local cop to demand my ID, and that's how it works? Because she didn't demand it though. I gave it to you though.

Trooper: We're out here to enforce the federal law and also the state law. Federal has vehicle inspectors. Now Texas has a policy when inspectors are working then we will have a trooper out here-

Driver: To back them up.

Trooper: To work the site as well. ...civilian aspect...

Driver: Just like CPS when they take the kids, the cop's there with the gun to back up the little, the little bureauocrat.

Trooper: Hang on.

Trooper: You're not wanted or anything, are you?

Driver: Not that I know of.


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