Battle for Brega Libya Footage





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Published on Mar 2, 2011

Translation (courtesy of libyafeb17.com):
Guys guys, a minute
Leather jacket guy: Today at 6.30 in the morning we could see the guys with our own eyes. Mercenaries in the port, and there were cars approximately 120 cars. 120 cars and you know what, even our dead we couldn't bring them from there.
Cameraman: Libyans or mercenaries?
Leather jacket guy: Mercenaries and Libyans!
Beard guy: And they started firing straight away! As soon as they came in they started firing
Leather jacket guy: There was no warning no nothing
Cameraman: Mercenaries?
Leather jacket guy: Mercenaries! I saw them with my own eyes
Bandana guy: Firing at people protecting the oil facilities
Baseball cap dude: You dog! Mu'ammar you dog!
Camouflage guy: We are victorious God Willing!

On top car:
Cameraman: These are fighter jets
Guy in front: What?
Cameraman: Striking the city of Brega

On the street:
Random person: Welcome to heaven!
Guy with AK47: He'll leave by force! By force! By force he'll leave!

Time: 4.50
Man with sunglasses: Against the regime, against the stray dog, against... So these are confirmed facts, I am amongst the people who..

Time: 5.32
Man: May the traitor drop! He's giving them money but this is a free nation! They don't want money. To hell with him and his money, the dog. He's giving them to the Africans and leaving the Libyans dirt poor. The jew! This guy is a jew and may God give us victory! This guy neither a Libyan or a Muslim, he is a jew and we don't know from where he came from. His mother and aunt are Israelis. God is Greater!
Camera man: God is Greater!
Another man: This came from there, they're striking with planes
Cameraman: Look at the RPG. They're firing with planes

Man: These are fighter jets....yeah, 14.5mm and RPGs are good

Time: 8.33
Man: God willing no one got hurt
Cameraman: God willing!
Cameraman: Guys they've gotten near!
Man: Let's move back a bit and regroup ourselves from there guys
Man: Guys, let someone check over there...
**RPG flies by**
Group: Wow!
Guy: Welcome to heaven!
Guy: Where are the real men?
Guy: Record this!
Another guy: They're firing at the dune
Another guy: Guys, our staying here is dangerous
Camerman: I swear it's very dangerous indeed
Another man: Victory victory God Willing. There is no god except God! God is sufficient for me and the best trustee, God is sufficient for me and the best trustee.

Alright, shall we go back?
Yeah, let's do that

Last scene:
God is greater! God is greater!

This footage was taken during the freedom fighters battling with pro-Gaddafi forces in Brega Libya, which is in the eastern part of Libya and is strategic for its oil wells

عاجل معركة داميه في منطقة البريقة القريبة من مدينة اجدابيا ونظام الطاغية يستخدم الطائرات والاسلحة الثقيلة

تفاجأ أهالي منطقة البريقة التي تبعد 60 كيلو متر عن مدينة اجدابيا
بدخول 150 سيارة مسلحه تغطيها الطائرات الحربية وقامت مباشرتاً باطلق النار العشوائي على كل من قابلهم من أبرياء استيقظ أبناء المنطقة واتصل باخونهم في مدينة اجدابيا لنصرتهم في الوقت التي استولي المرتزقة على المطار

بعد وصول كل من يحمل السلاح في مدينة اجدابيا إلى منطقة البريقة استطاع ثوار 17 فبراير من أعادت المطار

وحصل اشتباكات بين أبناء الشعب الليبي والمرتزقة فيما قامت الطائرات الحربية بالقصف على شباب الثورة

وفي نفس الوقت قامت طائرة حربية بالقصف على أطرف مدينة اجدابيا محاولة قطع الامددات التي تصل من مدينة اجدابيا واستطاع الثوار أصابت احد الطائرات .

تواصل اطلق النار ووصلت عتاد كبير من جميع المدن المحررة ليتم السيطرة من جديد على منطقة البريقة واسر عدد من المرتزقه والخونه المتعاونين مع النظام .


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