Amazing Magnet Motor/Gen Rep. This is not a fake, but





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Published on Apr 8, 2012

But selfrunning devices are a fake, they CAN´T run.
My motor/generator is a monopol, less attraction (shorted coils) device. Almost impossible to get to run. I have spent a lot of time to adjust this.The bearings must run very very easily. Running up to 300 rpm.
Don`t waste your time with a replication of these motor / generator.
More information next video. Part 2.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01s25k...

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Jerry Maulden
cool way to hide a double "A" inside a coil...
Tony Tiger
AAA batteries inside the coils.
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Sozercanie Kosmosa
maybe AA
Tony Tiger
Mine runs on batteries and it's for real.
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Motor Head
The sad thing is you could do a man on the street sort of thing and show this to a thousand people and about 975 of them would think it's real.  A sad commentary on the education system and the general ignorance of the American public.
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Kim Antonsen
For a while I have wondered why people make videos everyone can see is fake. And the answer is actually Americans;) Here in Norway, I think at least 975 of a thousand would understand that this video is a fraud, so maybe you're right that these videos are made for Americans and their level.
Daniel Gendron
+Nate Balls The guy of the vidéo said it's fake! Lock in the description: ''But selfrunning devices are a fake, they CAN´T run.'' So This is not bullshit, it's a demonstration of what bullshit is!.
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Battery in coil 100%
Particles have spin. Just like any gyroscope, you can extract linear energy from a rotational energy. Also, you can extract energy from any difference in temperature. Also, there are variations in the electromagnetic field of the earth, and you can withdraw energy from any difference in electromagnetic potential. All three of these forms of energy extraction are in line with the laws of thermodynamics, so no one has to pretend that this stuff is magic. I'm sure many of the experiments are complete BS, but novel forms of energy conversion are useful for solving our energy crisis, and they are not in violation of any physical laws. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed... chemical to heat, heat to chemical, rotational to linear, linear to rotational. This field of research is disparaged by those who can't see something like this without thinking thermodynamics is being violated. Dumb.
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1nC0g N1t0
+Ram Revivo Yes it is true, you cannot get more energy out of it, you will actually allways get less energy out then you put in due to radiation created thru collisions of atoms.
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Daniel Michaud
Open the coiilllllll
Stephanie S. Tuten
Naoki Kashima
Instead of "don't replicate" what this video description should have said, "EVERYBODY REPLICATE THIS". There are other forms of electricity other than just AC and DC. In fact Tesla (father of AC) considered AC to be a failure because. Pulsed DC currents grow instead of decay in the transmission lines.
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William Mills
Everyone remember..........no matter what FYGP or anyone like that says, the universe is the definition of perpetual energy.........an infinite amount of energy that came from nothing!!!!!!!!! That fact can NEVER be argued. So, If anyone ever tries to tell you that you can't get something from nothing, just remind them that the entire universe came from nothing............that should shut them up! (actually, it won't shut FYGP up, and nothing will......but I have to say that if I was being paid to be a monster.........I would be the biggest piece of shit monster in existence also.............but of course, I would NEVER want to give away my identity...........EVER!)
William Mills
+FuckYouGooglePlus At least i'm not afraid to show my face. I don't do meth, my scars came from a machine shop accident (not sure why i'm explaining myself to a nobody like you, but other people read this stuff too, so.......) I am already considered intelligent by a lot of people, and that's because I have a MUCH higher IQ than you think, actually much higher than yours. when it really comes down to it, you would never have the chance to commit suicide, because so many people want to kill you that you wouldn't have the chance............like I said before, you better never slip up and give away your identity, because I know people that want to destroy your face................trust me, you will look much worse than me!
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Magnets would stop over the bolts.
luis mansilla
la bateria esta en la bobina :b
Olavo Souza
isto mesmo,e já foi mostrado como funciona,usaram 2 pilhas de 1,5 volts cada gerando 3 volts ai sim funciona mas sem energia jamais,kkkkkkkkkkkkk.
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