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Published on Sep 20, 2012


Final Fantasy XIV The Maelstrom Grand Company Quest "In For Garuda Wakening"

Apkallus Falls, Archon Louisoix of the Circle of Knowing has asked me to investigate the cause of the unnaturally strong winds buffeting the Gridanian hamlet of Quarrymill. He fears it may be the work of none other than Garuda, the savage primal whom the Ixal are wont to summon. I travel to Quarrymill in the South Shroud, and discover whence these fell winds blow.

I discovered the source of the winds buffeting Quarrymill to be a being with the traits of both bird and man. Could this be the primal Garuda? I hasten back to Gridania and report all that I have seen to Louisoix.

Louisoix confirms that the being I witnessed assailing Quarrymill was indeed Garuda. He then constructs for me a vortex catcher from the cortex feathers I obtained at the scene. With it in my possession, he claims that I will be able to use a beastman aetheryte found in a cave in the northeastern part of Featherforge to reach the Howling Eye. Having made the necessary preparations, I sally forth and defeat Garuda.

I have achieved victory in battle over the wind primal Garuda. Tragically, however, the power of the crystals I wrested from her grasp was quickly claimed by Dalamud. Nael van Darnus, legatus of the Empire's VIIth Legion, tells me that the more adventurers struggle against Garlemald, the more power shall find its way to the red moon of Allag. I return to Louisoix and tell him all that has transpired.

Louisoix contends that Nael van Darnus may be harboring ambitions that differ from those of the Empire at large. To learn what the White Raven could seek by channeling energy to Dalamud, the Archon desires to hear Master Cid Garlond's thoughts on the matter. He will arrange a meeting, and asks that I return to the Maelstrom Command in Limsa Lominsa to attend.

Back at Maelstrom Command, Cid Garlond tells me much of the man-made red moon, Dalamud. It is known to be drawing nearer and nearer Hydaelyn, on a course that will bring it crashing down upon Eorzea. There can be no doubt that the Empire is using some unknown means to control Dalamud's trajectory, and it is knowledge of that which master Garlond now seeks. Before returning to his studies, Cid passes on word that Admiral Merlwyb herself wishes to speak with me, and awaits my presence atop the Admiral's Lift.

I have spoken with Merlwyb in the stateroom atop the Admiral's Lift. Although the Galadion Accord failed to bring together Limsa Lominsa's pirates, the Maelstrom, and the Knights of the Barracuda, she has not yet given up her grand visions of unity and harmony. Now she speaks of an even higher purpose -- that of reforging the Eorzean Alliance. Only by uniting the forces of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah under a single banner, and adding to that union the strength of adventurers, can the realm hope to oppose the might of Garlemald. She adds that she is relying upon me to assist her in this great endeavor. My audience with the Admiral ended, I return to Maelstrom Command and claim my reward for felling Garuda from Lieutenant Guincum.

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