"BLESSED" - The Enchanted Episode 3 [Web Series/Supernatural/Fantasy/Teen]





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Published on Jul 4, 2015

Josh opens up to Emma regarding him coming out to his parents, and how they reacted badly because he's gay. She assures him they'll come around, but he's not sure about it. After their brief talk Emma gives him his powers.
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It's night time, and Emma and Josh are sat in Emmas bedroom talking
"I can't believe you told Jess about the necklace"
"I didn't. As such. She... just kept on pushing and she kinda guessed it"
"With a little help from you yeah"
"Sorry" Josh grins
"Nah, it's ok...Besides, maybe some good will come of us having powers"
"Yeah, Maybe. Speaking of which, when do I get mine?" Josh asks impatiently
"Ok cool!"
"Time to get blessed" Emma says as she puts n the necklace and places her hand on top of Josh's head"
" Oh geeze. I hope I don't burn, you know being gay and all"
"I was joking"
"I know, but still"
"Still no progress with your mum and dad then?"
"Nah. My dad still thinks I'm the worst thing to walk the earth, and my mum can't even look at me"
"They just need time to come around to the idea"
"Hmph. Or to the idea of abandoning me"
"They won't do that your their son"
"That's what I said when I first told them, but it didn't change how they reacted" Josh says hopelessly
"I'm sure they'll come around"
"Hmm...are you done yet?
"Yep" Emma removes her hand and Josh stands up
"Go on then, give it a try"
"Ummm...how?" Josh asks in a confused tone
"LIKE THIS!" Emma shouts and Josh is startled which activates his power. He disappears briefly, but then reappears.
"What just happened?!"
"You teleported"
"Really? How did you know that'd work" Josh says in amazement
"Remember earlier when Jess got mad at you and her powers worked?"
"Yeah..." Emma nods waiting for Josh to realize.
"O-oh! So our powers are tied to our emotions?"
"Seems like it"
"Why don't you try your powers" Josh asks eagerly
"Oh, you haven't seen mine yet, have you" Emma says in a showing off manner"
"Uh-hu" Josh says shaking his head"
"Ok" Josh prepares himself...Emma concentrates and with a sudden whoosh she turns invisible.
"Woah! Now that's cool!"
"I know, right?"
"Wait, where are you" Josh says as he looks around the bedroom"
"Turn around"
Josh turns around and there Emma is
"Haha, cool!


The Enchanted is a new British created Original Supernatural/Fantasy Web Series (2014/2015) that deals with Witchcraft, Mythology and the Supernatural.

It's a WebSeries created for the teen audience, and will deal with teen themed topics, as well as Witchcraft, Mythology and the Supernatural.

The characters are Emma Smith, Joshua Jackson, Jessica Lea, Athia (the witch) and Zandak (the wizard)

If you enjoy the Supernatural/Fantasy element of TV shows or movies/films then i'm sure you will enjoy the teenage web series The Enchanted


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