What if: a taylena story; episode 16





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Published on Jan 31, 2010

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With Taylena.

Selena felt her phone vibrate and she answered it.


Demi: "Hey sel, so Joe and I are gonna go to six flags, you and taylor wanna come?"

"Sure. Well meet you there in a lil while"

Demi: "okay, great"

Selena hung up the phone and looked at Taylor. They had fallen asleep and he was snoring softly. She laughed and poked his rock hard stomach. "Dang" she said quietly.

"What are you doing?" Taylor laughed quietly, looking at Selena poke and poke his stomach.

"Did you know this thing is like a rock. Its like BAM!, it isnt squishy at all." Selena spoke, mesmerized by taylor.

"Its called working out" he laughed and wrapped his arms around her. "now could you stop poking me, youre making me feel like a science experiment"

She blushed, slightly embarrassed. "Sorry.Oh um wanna go to six flags with Demi and Joe? She just called and asked."

"I'll go anywhere with you babe. But if we are gonna go in the water park Im gonna need to stop by my house and get some swim shorts" he said, kissing her face and neck in between every three words.

She giggled and nodded her head, then quickly got up and grabbed a bikini. "close your eyes so I can change" she said.

He covered his eyes and smiled. He peaked once from his fingers as she was tieing a bow into the side of her bathing suit bottom. He closed his eyes again and smiled. She was so beautiful and he was so lucky. He began to day dream about the two of them, getting married, her walking down the aisle in a beautiful white gown, flowers in her soft brown hair. She was smiling straight at him, he could feel his heart beating fast, she started speaking to him, saying his name.. "Taylor..Taylor...TAYLOR." He uncovered his eyes and looked around, Selena was standing next to him, holding up her bikini while trying to tie it behind her neck..

"Yea babe" he said.

"Can you help me tie this?" She asked turning around, revealing her back to him.

"Of course baby" he moved his hands to the top of her neck and began to tie the strings together. He loved the way her skin felt against his fingers, and he couldnt help himself from looking up and down from her butt to her neck. "There" he said finishing the bow, and gliding his hands across Selenas stomach pulling her into him and onto his lap.

She giggled "Baby your hands are so warm."She shifted her weight so that she was sitting on one leg and looking at him. She grabbed one of his hands and intertwined her fingers with his again. She leaned her head on his shoulder and looked at their hands. "Why do you love me Taylor?"

Taylor chuckled and used the arm that was still around
Selena to hug her even more tight. "I cant answer that question"

Selena looked at him questioningly. "Why not?"

Taylor shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly "i don't love you"

Selena pushed herself away from him, her heart breaking slowly at the words she had just heard. "wh-what do you mean you don't love me?" The tears pierced at her eyes

Taylor chuckled and walked up next to her, wrapping his arms around the now crying Selena. "I don't love you because I'm IN love with you, and that is much deeper then love" he waited for her response but when she said nothing he continued. "I'm in love with the way you say my name. I'm in love with the sound of your voice. I'm in love with your laugh. i'm in love with the way the simple things make you smile. I'm in love with the way that you kiss me. i'm in love with the way you hug me. I'm in love with the way you think your just average looking when in reality your more beautiful then anybody on this entire planet. I'm in love with the way you actually trust me and the way I know I can actually trust you. I'm in love with the way you've stolen my heart. I'm hopelessy and utterly, completely and totaly, IN LOVE WITH YOU". He lifted her blushing face up to look at his. "That's why i couldn't answer why i love you baby"

She pressed her lips on his and wrapped her hands around his waist. "i'm in love with you too baby....Now let's go".

She giggled and grabbed his hands dragging him out the door. As she got to his car she turned and kissed him again. "Why are you so irresistable Taylor?" She questioned kissing him again. "I feel this urge to keep kissing and kissing and kissing you".

He laughed. "i know what you mean baby." he kissed her. "But we gotta go or we are gonna get there and the park is gonna be closed"

"fine" she whined, then snuck him another kiss on his cheek before hoping in the car.

Taylor laughed and got into his car, driving to his house..

T.S. pov
T.S. got up from the bush she was hiding in, she looked down at the two girls she was hiding with, feeling slightly ashamed. "So i guess this means we are going to six flags too huh?"


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