A Nelena Story 16.2





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Published on Nov 8, 2008

Selena - Demi. Please stop. It makes me sad seeing you like this.

Demi - It's over isn't it? (crying some more) I messed up really badly. I don't know why I ever doubted my feelings towards him.

Selena - Dems. Come here. (hugs her) Everything will be fine I promise.

Demi - He won't even talk to me. How could you say that?

Selena - I know it's not over. All relationships have their downs. You'll get through this. Just give him some time to cool down.

Demi - I really want to talk to him.

Selena - I know. I know. Now come on, let's go back downstairs and eat ok?

Demi - You go I'll stay here for a few more minutes.

Selena - And then you'll come?

Demi - Yes, I promise. (Demi eventually goes downstairs. As she walks back she sees Joe flirting with another girl. Shes hurt and wants to run away again but she stays strong and hold her tears back. She walks in the cafeteria and sees Cody with Selena, Miley and Nick. She wonders what's going on.) Hey guys. Cody what are you doing here?

Miley - Hey Demi. Remember what I told you yesterday?

Demi - Oh. Wow what a coincidence. (Selena whispers to Mileys ear that Cody was the boy that Demi used to like.)

Miley - Ohhh!

Cody - Oh what?

Miley - Nothing.

Cody - Ok then. Demi are you okay? (gives Demi a hug. Joe walks in and sees him hugging Demi.)

Demi - I'm fine, thanks for the hug. I needed that.

Cody - How are you and your boyfriend?

Demi - You mean ex? (starts tearing up)

Cody - I'm so sorry Demi. If you want I can try to talk to him.

Nick - Good luck with that dude. I'm his brother and even he won't listen to me.

Selena - Demi, are you ok?

Miley - You need another hug.

Demi - (smiles a little) Thanks guys. Without you I dont think if I'll be able to handle this pain.

Nick - How about we go to the park after school? You know just so we can relax for a bit. Leave all the stress behind even if it's just for a while.

Demi - I don't know. You guys can go. I have--

Selena - Come on Demi. Please?

Miley - Please?

Demi - I guess it wont hurt.

Nick - Ok so we'll meet up at the play ground?

Selena - Why there?

Nick - I want to go on the swings!!!

Selena - (laughs) Ok fine.

Cody - You think I can join you guys.

Miley - Sure why not?

Cody - Cool. Thanks.

*Skipping to after school*

Nick - Bro come with us to the park.

Joe - I have better things to do.

Nick - Please?

Joe - Who's going?

Nick - Oh you know. Selena, Miley, Demi, and umm Cody.

Joe - Who the heck is Cody?

Nick - Umm, the one that Demi use to like

Joe - (slams his locker) I have other plans.

Nick - Joe they're not together! Will you just please talk to Demi?

Joe - (ignores him and walks away.)

Nick - UGH! You are so stubborn. (Selena and Demi walks by and hears Nick.)

Demi - Nick if he doesnt want to come, don't force him. Just let him cool down.

Selena - What Demi said.

Nick - Fine. Are you girls going straight to the park?

Selena - Yeah.

Nick - Where's Miley and Cody?

Demi - They're going to meet us there.

Nick - Ok, I'm going there right now too so can I walk with you guys.

Selena - Of course! (grabs Nicks hand. Arm in arm they walk together.) To the park!

Nick - (laughs) You're adorable! (kisses her cheeks)

Selena - HEY! (Nick just smiles)

*At the park*

Selena - I haven't got on a swing in a long time. I forgot how much I love it!

Nick - See so this was a good idea.

(Demis head is down and swings slowly like she's not in the mood for anything. A couple of minutes later Cody and Miley arrive.)

Miley - Hey guys.

Nick - Hey Miley.

Selena - Hi Miley. Hi Cody.

Cody - Hey.

*With Joe.*

Joe - (walking back and forth in his room) Should I go? Just to see how they are? I miss my baby. A day without hearing her or making her laugh or seeing those beautiful eyes is miserable. I miss her so much. (stops and lays down on his bed) I can't take this anymore! Im going. (grabs his stuff and leaves)


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