Ex MI5 agent exposes Diana's death related to support for Palestinians, not reptiles like Icke said.





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Published on Sep 13, 2008

Talks ABOUT David Shayler, not Icke, so I don't need messages telling me that.
What she SAYS exposes what Icke tells us as a lie.
My web is down now, so if you missed it, tough, it ws up for six years.
Did David icke tell us some rubbish about Diana being killed because she was about to tell the World about lizards in the royal family?
Does Annie tell us in this video that Diana was about to openly take sides with the Palestinians against the juuz?
Does what Annie said give us a much more likely reason for Dianas assassination?
The queen reckons to trace her lineage back to "king david", making her the "jew on the throne". The royals could not tolerate one of their own taking sides with "amalek" (look it up) against "israel".
Does what Annie say expose the ridiculous rubbish that Icke told us for what it is?
"Ex MI5 agent exposes Icke's big lie" describes the function of this video precisely, and Annie doesn't have to mention Icke or refer to anything he said for that to be so.

I wrote to Icke in 2006 explaining in great detail why no planes hit the WTC. He ignored it.
Years later when a film called "September clues" full of intentional (= strawman) errors suggested the same he started to recommend it.
He specifies "Rothschild zionism", when zionism is born from judaism, which comes from the old testament that says juuz are man and the rest of us are as cattle to be killed or enslaved. That is what"goyim" means, or "Goy", which is what the juuz call the rest of us. Do a YouTube search for "goy" now and see what wonderful things you find.When the juuz were kicked out of countries all over Europe there was no such thing as zionism, yet they managed to control now all of the World's politics and they shape our beliefs with their hollywood. Where are the non-jewish white superstars???? Name them?
But Icke will tell you it's only the Rothschilds. He says nothing about the juuz domination of the world's politics, media and finance. He says nothing about the old testament telling them to destroy "the nations". He says nothing of the "mosiach" that all juuz are waiting for, and to which they all do their bit whenever possible. Look it up. The World is to be controlled by them and we are to be their slaves. Google "gentiles in halacha" and make sure you read all of that one because that will show you the truth that Icke is hiding from you with his "Rothschild zionism" rubbish. The juuz are a cult and judaism is the code of that cult, just like extortion and murder are the code of the mafia. If somebody born into such a cult decided that they did not agree with it's core beliefs and practices then they would have to separate themselves from it. Any jew that remains a jew must be okay with what you will read in "gentiles in halacha" because that is the very first premise of their cult. Icke won't tell you this because he is a gatekeeper for judaism.

Go figure.

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