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Uploaded on Nov 26, 2010

Flashback: 2001 Justin and Selena are 11 years old.

Justin&Selena: *racing on their bikes*
Selena: *wins* AHA! I won! You lost!
Justin: *mad* I didn't lose!
Selena: Uh yeah dude you kinda did *laughs*
Justin: *pushes her down*
Selena: Hey don't push me u sore loser! *pushes him back*
Justin&Selena: *fighting and rolling*
Present: 2006 They're 16

Selena: *playing in her basketball game*
Justin: *watching and flirting w/girls*
Joe: ooo look at Sel work
Stella: *giggles* She's good in basketball
Nick: Why aren't you playing Stella?
Stella: Volleyball's my game *smiles*
Justin: *chuckles* Yeah right
Miley: *laughs loud* Stella u suck at volleyball girl
Stella: Hmph well what do you do besides whoring around?
Miley: *glares*
Justin: Nice one *laughs*
Selena: *looks up at Justin*
Justin: *stares at her*
Selena: *turns away*
@ Selena's House after game
Maria: Mija calm down you fouled out of the game so what!
Selena: What do u mean so what?! I didn't foul anyone. They're just too fragile. And if they didn't call those stupid fouls on me I would've had more playing time!
Maria: You can't just go on the court fouling and trying to be a ball hog
Selena: I'm not a ball hog. It's not my fault I'm good at handling the ball. I'm trying to get better so I can be recruited.
Maria: You won't get recruited with that attitude
Selena: Man whatever
Next day @ Justin's basketball game
Jasmine: *walks up to Selena* Hey Selena
Selena: What?
Jasmine: Give this to Justin for me *hands her a note*
Selena: I ain't giving that to him. Do it yourself
Jasmine: Come on girl
Selena: Why can't you do it?
Jasmine: Because I can't just go up to him like that. That'll ruin my swag. A girl got to know how to do her flirting. And ur like one of the guys so u can just go up to him since u don't care.
Selena: *glares at her*
Jasmine: Are u going to take it?
Selena: *rolls eyes*
Jasmine: *puts it in her hand* Thanks girl *walks off*
Selena: Ugh!
After the game
Justin: *flirting w/some girls*
Selena: Hey Justin
Justin: Wassup
Selena: I need a ride
Justin: *chuckles* You got two feet
Selena: Man I'm tired so are u going to give a ride or what?
Justin: *sighs* Come on girl *grabs her hand*
in the car
Selena: *reading Jasmine's note*
Justin: What you got there?
Selena: Oh this note Jasmine wanted me to give to you
Justin: What?! *trying to grab it*
Selena: Hey! Keep your eyes on the road. I'll just read it to you. *clears throat* Hey Justin I've been watching you for a while now and I just wanted to say that you are so fine and I was wondering if you wanted to accompany me to the dance next friday. I will surely leave you satisfied. *laughs loud*
Justin: *chuckles* Oh thats nice
Selena: Eew yall just nasty *laughs*
Justin: Don't get mad
Selena: Says the boy who got mad at me when we were eleven and gave me this scar! *shows him*
Justin: Why you gotta bring up old stuff? *chuckles*
Selena: Anyways are u going to go with her?
Justin: *shrugs* I barely know her
Selena: Do u think shes pretty
Justin: I guess. Who u going with to the dance? Spalding?
Selena: Whos Spalding?
Justin: *points to the basketball in Selena's hand*
Selena: *hits him* U got jokes. And I might not even go.
Justin: Oh I'm pretty sure I'll see u there *smiles at her*
Selena: *smiles back*

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