Lumin Weekly Q&A #11 - Best / Worst Game Endings, Sci-Fi Movies, GW2 Servers & More!





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Published on Apr 24, 2012

A wild video appears, watch it to see what its about! :D

This is my weekly Q&A series wherein I answer questions, talk about things and do other cool stuff! Watch it, leave a comment or question and enjoy! :D

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● Questions:

kiriko07131 - Since you are gonna play GuildWars2, What is your first and surname gonna be? Lumin trueshot? lumin the adventurer? And what is the name of your guild going to be?

Q: Have you been thinking of doing livestreams? It would be glorious to see some streamed GW2 or MoP :D

Q: What is your favourite type of alcohol beverage? Yes i did just ask that! :D
Q: Have you been living in South Africa in all your life? If not, where have you been living?

Q: How old are you?

Q: What was the worst game ending for you? - love2game4life

Q: What was the best game ending for you? - love2game4life

Q: Are you looking forward to the London Olympics? Is football (soccer) big in South Africa? Do you like sci-fi films like Starwars or Star-Trek, if so what is your favourite sci-fi movie? -- Bumfree

Q: If you where an animal what kind of animal would you be! -- wowno

Q: Whats new with Helen, what is she doing right now? Wowno

Q: How do you take the pressure its 26 days to Diablo launch sry for reminding! -- wowno

Q: Hay Lumin will you please try out a game called dungeons and dragons online eberron unlimited. It is a MMORPG that even TB likes so please try it out. -- 1998422

Q: So since you'll be on EU servers for GW2, what kind of server are you looking at (PvP, PvE something in between) and what do you think will be the focus of your guild? Obviously i'm keen on joining, swell the numbers of the Lum-army! :D - Grumakhai

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As an animal, you would like to be a Sparrow eh? How curious xD And sparrows aren't ganked, we are swift and careful! I guess you missed my question, I posted on the comments on the last weekly Q&A before this one. I can understand, it's a lot of comments and you can easily miss them. Check it out and include it in the future if you want. Also, did you check my video where I sort of teach you how to say "It's time for an adventure" in portuguese (journey #2)? Make sure to do so ;D take care!
... i 've never seen anything like it before or since this game came out back then. I would call it hidden pearl. Great story, one of the best soundtracks i've heard and gameplay was pure awesomeness. Endless possibilities while it came to merging your creatures and making them look interesting while trying to make them strong as well. I don't know if you still have PS1 or if it is available on PSN for PS3, but you should definitely try it somehow, you would love this game.
Since you are a big fan of Pokemon and Playstation do you played game called Jade Cocoon 1 on PS1 ? You could say its something between pokemon and final fantasy and its just legendary. One of the most overlooked games for whatever reason, but its so good and unique! The beasts you've managed to catch - you could merge 2 of them and make a new one, which then have unique look based on those two creatures you made it from, and not only look, but also stats, spells, etc. ...
You can jump between servers on Guild Wars 2 with one click. Except for your home server where you fight WvW in :)
Essess Nine
Lumin, have you ever been to another country? What do you think about South Africa's neighbors (esp. Namibia and Botswana)? Is there any country or continent you'd like to visit? (Sorry if this has been asked before, I haven't seen all of these shows)
Dear Lumin, When are you going to go on the TGS podcast?
Woot Lumin Weekly Q&A! 
Love the ChronoTrigger music :D
I've got 2 questions for you next Q&A: you may pick one or two or none :D. 1. Where do you spend your holidays? Since you already (from what we've seen in your vlogs) living in a very beautifull place. With the sea and cliffs and Skyrim turtles and all that stuff :). 2. If there was one single player game you could pick that Blizzard or BioWare or any good MMO maker could turn into an awesome MMO. Wich single player game would that be? And how do you see it playing out. Classes / worlds etc :)
being called the worst company in the US by one magazine doesnt really matter. In fact, from an investor perspective, EA would be one of the best companies since they have proven they make a shit ton of money, and thats what companies do. sure it sucks as a customer but until people quit buying their shit then they will continue to have huge profits and make a killing.

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