Era TV's Evil Ways (年代綜合台 真的很邪惡)





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Uploaded on Sep 19, 2010

Era TV's (年代綜合台) 驚夜深呼吸 (loose translation: "Fright Night Deep Breath") is a 90-minute show which airs a whopping six times a day. (That's nine hours out of 24!) The September 7, 2010 edition discussed Chen Chi-li (陳啓禮), the murderer of Henry Liu (劉宜良, AKA Chiang Nan [江南]). Chen's accomplice Wu Dun (吳敦) was the show's guest that night, and they yukked it up as they made a gangster/murderer out to be a wonderful human being.

Here are just a few examples of the evil displayed by this particular episode of this particular show on this particular pro-China/pro-Chinese KMT channel.

1. Host Ying Nai-ching (尹乃菁) and one of the panelists (China Times Weekly [時報周刊] reporter Lin Chao-hsin [林朝鑫]) describe gangster/murderer Chen as "really quite handsome" (Ying: "陳啓禮真的蠻帥的" Lin [droolingly]: "帥的不得了").

2. Lin Chao-hsin describes gangster/murderer Chen's pitiable childhood -- emphasizing his "mainlander" identity -- to stir up the audience's sympathy.

3. Ying twists facts to make the viewers believe that "mainlanders" (外省人) were picked on by Taiwanese instead of the other way around. The truth is that their teachers would also have been "mainlanders" and would have given them preferential treatment while beating the Taiwanese students for merely speaking Taiwanese while at school.

4. Wu describes gangster/murderer Chen as a "hero." (Watch how he looks down at his script at the end of this short clip.)

5. Wu says gangster/murderer Chen is "mature" and "upright." A funny: Note how Wu says Chen had "one condition" (一個條件) for the people around him: "品德、孝順" (moral and filial) -- which kinda sounds like "two" to me!

6. Wu complains more about him and gangster/murderer Chen being "mainlanders" despite that group receiving preferential treatment by the Chinese KMT government and from their school teachers for the past six decades.

7. Wu implies that it was *Taiwanese* who "made them" become violent criminals.

8. Ying paints gangster/murderers Chen and Wu as "the biggest victims" (其中最關鍵的當然就是陳啓禮 吳敦他們) of the Henry Liu murder they themselves committed.

9. Wu Dun uses the very same words (他是一個很節省的人 他鞋子穿破了 他都穿在腳上 他東西自己會縫縫補補 他賺了 他很會賺錢的人 但他的錢都花在他周圍身邊) as Chinese KMT chairman and Taiwan's president Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) to prop up the image of gangster/murderer Chen.

At no point was there any confrontational questioning of Wu. During the show, Wu frequently looks down at something on the desk, indicating that much of what he said was scripted.

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Read about host Ying Nai-ching's alleged affair with Ma Ying-jeou's first premier (then president of Soochow University [東吳大學]), Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) which was explained away by saying they had been discussing "matters of national importance" in the remote location where they were seen together:
- - -
Luo yesterday denied he had only decided to announce Liu's appointment after local media outlets received notes condemning Liu for having an affair with talk show host Ying Nai-ching (尹乃菁).
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東吳大學校長劉兆玄 電視女主持人尹乃菁 頻頻相偕出遊 (w/photo of the pair together)
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尹乃菁、劉兆玄頻出遊 尹:不必解釋我們做了什麼
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男主角劉兆玄高升閣揆 女主角尹乃菁翻身主持

What do *you* think they were doing together?

Read about how long Ma Ying-jeou wore his suit for 10 years (the article contrasts this with Lee Teng-hui and Chen Shui-bian whom they say "love opulence"):

... and here:
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[...] 看到馬英九穿著,常不懂他為何那麼節省 [...]
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Read how Ma Ying-jeou wore one pair of shoes for 15 years and had them repeatedly repaired:

Two screenshots of Era TV's schedule showing that the 驚夜深呼吸 show airs six times a day for a total of nine hours of brainwashing:


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