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A Lesson on Landing - Art of Flight, Ep1 - Arma 2 and Arma 3





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Published on Aug 26, 2012

First in a new series of videos talking about flying in the ArmAx series. This one covers a fairly common rookie landing mistake, and the tragic consequences of what can happen from it. I'm still trying to decide how I want to approach this series, so if you have suggestions, let me know in the comments. As always, if you want to support my productions, do so via likes/favorites/subscriptions/sharing/etc. You motivate me.

Q: What server am I playing Arma games on, who are these people, and can you join?
A: It's the private server for my community, Shack Tactical. As of 2014 we've been around for eight years, and I wouldn't trade it for anything - we have a fantastic memberbase and it makes for amazing gameplay in Arma and elsewhere. You can read more about us here:

Q: What mods does ShackTac use in Arma?
A: I keep a list of them here:

Q: Does ShackTac play mostly coop or mostly PvP/adversarial in Arma?
A: We do a mix of about 70% adversarial and 30% coop - both offer unique experiences and are a blast to play.

Q: How long have you been playing the Arma series?
A: I've been here from the start, with my Operation Flashpoint experience beginning with the demo's release in 2001. I went into the US Marine Corps shortly after (no relation!) and in 2004 I started playing OFP in multiplayer. 2006 saw me found ShackTac, which started in OFP and then transitioned through Arma 1, Arma 2, and finally, Arma 3. I hope to continue this for a long time into the future, as well as share the ride with viewers like you, as corny as that sounds!

Q: What system am I filming all of my Arma and VBS footage on?

If you want to know more about who I am:

Check me out on Twitter, where I post video announcements and make the occasional smalltalk:

Make sure to read my channel FAQ, it answers various questions and sets some expectations of behavior:

Q: I have a question about your channel or content that I haven't seen answered elsewhere - what's the best way to ask it?
A: I maintain a blog where I've answered hundreds of different questions relating to ShackTac, Arma, etc - you can find that here:
I also answer questions in my comments routinely, as I enjoy that aspect of things. If I don't answer, please don't take it personally - there's a lot going on and I can't always get to everything. My channel followers do a good job of answering the more common questions, too, and I thank them for that!

I've authored the definitive guide on Arma 3 tactics, techniques, and procedures - check it out! Hard copies are also available.
Hard copies:

I also create, co-author, and distribute Arma 2 and Arma 3 mods for my community, you can find a complete release history of them here:

Bohemia Interactive, the creators of the Arma series from Operation Flashpoint to Arma 3, can be found here:

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I just spent an hour practising landings in ArmA 3 in a Hummingbird. I can consistently land safely, now, just not quickly or precisely.
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+Ostsol Pay no mind to Patrick. He's critical but probably wouldn't know how to land in an open field in 1st person. What these guys fail to realize is that shacktac operates only in 1st person. Big talkers....
Patrick Pigeon
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Jolly Joel
You know your playlist is backwards?
noxus Nexus
Hi is it normal that I need minimum 50% of my throttle to take off? I use X52 Pro
Dimitrios Karanasios
Yea, pretty sure its normal. Have a fiddle with collective raise and collective raise (analogue)....analogue i believe is used for joysticks/throttles.
Dslyecxi. Would you PLEASE make a video, or another video, on setting up your flight setup for arma 3, and give suggestions on which setups we might like to purchase
Unum Heros
+Dslyecxi   Any advice for Mil-Mi-8 flyer's?
ScropVinGemini Official
That looks hard.
What is that you are playing (Gamemode) and also how do you get the radio noise when someone talks
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I mean my community, ShackTac. As to ACRE being safe - it uses DLLs to interface with TS and do other things.
+Dslyecxi Ah, is ACRE Safe (does it have .exe's and dll's)??? and when you say community, is that for your clan or just the whole A3 community?
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Patrick Pigeon
this pilot should have been washing dishes at base camp and not land in hostile territory like a noob! alpha 1 this isnt our chopper its charlies!! yeah ill sit and wait!!
John Hawk
HAHAHA I slid on an Overpoch server in my MI-17 and was looking at my map and the thing slid into some trees. My bud called it as it happened but when I got out of my map it was too late. I survived with almost no blood. I was taking off when this happened. Be it landing or lift off always make you you are fully on the ground. It doesn't hurt to go into third-person to check.
Benny Kleykens
Ouch! If it wasn't so hard to fly a helo it wouldn't be fun :-)
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