Battlefield 3: Defence the Downward Spiral - how to lose your base





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Published on Aug 31, 2012

In this short video we take a look at something I regularly highlight -- the need to prioritise targets quickly and deal with them in a focused way. Failure to do this will lead to your game quickly spiralling out of control and most likely a loss for your team.

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thee Mitchi
What does he mean with ice cream sandwich? The C4, AT Mines?
Ice cream sandwich? lol 
The U
why don't you just pick up the guy's kit, and used his smaw?
m ys
Good video, can be very frustrating to work with a team that doesn't understand prioritizing AMTRACs (ignoring the armored mobile spawn point...really?), and dealing with armor. I've personally had a couple of instances where I've had to find Stationary AT on Caspian to deal with armor despite playing medic...with 2 or 3 c4 support around me. Great to see some people trying to PTO on bf3, great vid. 
Luetin I love watching your vids but sometimes you make it seem like a player can see all threats on the battlefield at all times.
Luetin, have you ever considered a match of say Rush where you didn't directly participate but instead commanded the team overhead from a MAV? I think that would make a great video if you could upload with the in-game commentary.
Agreed on all points made concerning objective team play Luetin. Something I wanted to point out is people will get angry when they think they are carrying a team or squad and the other players are just screwing off but often the case is the other players may be suppressed or incapacitated. I've been in matches where higher ranking players are screaming at others after the fact when it would be more productive to direct them beforehand. 
Exactly, i dont mind like maybe even 3 assault players and 1 recon but a lot of people play assault due to the power of the guns and crap. when i play defense on vehicle maps i usually play engineer and on the smaller maps i may go support or if its like metro then i will play assault cause there are no vehicles to worry about but people need to learn which is more important on certain maps. This is one of the reasons why i dont play rush much anymore. 
This was frustrating, only our squad ( and Rook ) was really defending, we had them down to two tickets and they armed when we all died. I think your score screen is glitched there LT as they had a full team? I was medic trying to keep my team alive. I revived airborne and consequently he took down the amtrac. I don't think we played badly, but bf3 is about a 12 man team, not just 5 few players with mics. Just my thoughts, thanks for playing tho!
Well said. One or two CLEVER assault players on defense can be really important...but they kind of need to sit back and keep the support and assault guys up and moving...not run up and try and spawn rape the attackers. When defending you want rpgs/smaws, plenty of C4, mines all over the map and one Recon dude with a MAV spotting where the attacks are coming in from and finding any sneaky characters. 
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