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Uploaded on May 14, 2010

Rap video for class presentation on the Human Genome Project.
Yo, its MC-HGP, I speak the truth you'll see,
The human genome project
It was private vs public
An International Effort
To unwind the double Helix
Discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick, can you feel it?
What the public had developed
The private took and they one-upped
And reaped much o the reward
I doubt theyll ever get bored
You say a little bit unfair?
Yeah but the private dont care.
Its all about the cash money flow
Dontcha knooooooooooooow?

Genome sequencing you say?
Itll keep me busy all day.
For fifteen years, all the scientists tried
To sequence all 3 billion nucleotides.
Cuz they needed a map
Of the human genome ASAP
To get working on curing them genetic disease,
It took a budget of 133 billion rupees.
The public used agarose gel electrophoresis
But Celera used their shotgun to blow the genome to pieces
But within fifteen years time,
With all this info combined,
The human genome was sequenced,
And our gene knowledge thirst was quenched!

The human Genome project
Yo this isn't a scandal,
Just take a look inside my genes
That's too much info to handle.
And we have come such a long way
Since the time of Gregory Mendel,
But now their messing with genes,
Like mother nature vandals!

Im MC-Patent, I'll let you know what happened
You see, after HGP, everyone saw,
How valuable genes are so screw the law,
We'll make it seem like they're inventable,
That would make em patentable
And thereby allowing companies
To own the rights to our genes!
The essential revelation
Is that genes are information,
So to society, this is a very heavy dose
Of ridiculous.
I mean imagine patenting the nose,
There would be no Kleenex or perfume,
Clearly spelling a smelly doom
To the industry of creativity,
Cuz of the heavy royalty, on anything olfactory.

Every day I patent genes, every day I patent,
Every day I patent genes, every day I patent.
Every day I patent genes, every day I patent,
Every day I patent genes, every day I patent.


I'm MC-ism, like light from a prism
Ill be refracting ideologies,
Predetermining biologies.
For some, determinism is the game
Some genes carry glory, others carry shame
This way of thinking works sometimes,
Like some diseases have genetic signs.
But at the same time,
Theres no guarantee,
That whats in your genes is what you'll be!
But u see, this is a disillusionment
Thats cuz t he environment
Plays a role in your development
And there aint nothing that can be done,


Yo its MC Eugene, here to warn you
Of atrocities that lay before you
Genetics is possible of limitless good
But look to the past, to the Nazi hood
Alienation and sterilization: far from the emancipation of a so-called inferior population.
What is this anyway,
But a society obsessed with self-flagellation?
Galtonyou were just plain wrong
Eugenics was a source of havoc
Equal to King Kong
But the answer does not lie
In commercialization,
For this will only lead to segmentation
Justice evidently comes with a fee,
We must not neglect the individual liberties.
Dont you know its all about doing know harm,
What the hell is this.the Animal Farm?
You say all men are created equal,
Well I say some are more equal than others,
But in pursuing genetics we are brothers
Yes I agree eugenics had a noble cause,
But please recall the eminent threat
Of deviating from the ethical clause.
We have a moral obligation to our fellow men,
To do everything in our power that we can
But this does not give us a carte blanche,
To reduce the size of your girlfriends hanche.


Well I dont mean to scare ya
But theyre working on Chimeras.
Its like a rebirth of Dr. Frankenstein,
Cuz I heard from a friend of mine,
Put our stem cells in mice, rats, and pumas
If we dont watch out
Theyll be thinking like humans.
That theres Half man, half monkey,
Yo I must be a junkey,
The idea is so crazy
Who thought of something so funky?
Blurring the line between species,
Yo that stinks worse than feces,
Because sometimes mix and matches
Should be held to Reeses Pieces.
Now I think I should warn ya,
So lets blast it on the sterya,
Because these chimeras
Could create mass hysteria.

If you wish to be Immortal
Know that they are opening up portals,
To the status of Gods,
Always keeping your young hot bod.
But this life is a fraud, cuz this aint right dog.
By using cloning and telomerase,
Well bring you back to your young days,
But only if youve got the moolah
So get a job that pays.
Richs overpopulation
Will drive poor people to starvation,
Cause theres only so much bacon
For the world to ration.
If you think eternal life is as crazy as a wombat,
Come on and fight, its the Immortal combat!

Chorus x2


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