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Published on Dec 4, 2011

Jack and Jill went to the hill, bending hinge joints in their knees.
Jack and Jill skipped up the hill, while both holding in a sneeze.
They skipped with flexion, and extension, using all the strength in their feet.
Hopping side to side, without pretension, their abduction and adduction worked really neat.
They arrived at the well, holding up their pails.
Moving gliding joints in their carpals.

With a flick of the wrist, did Jack get a grip, of the water they've been after.
His arms rose up,
in an elevating zip,
and then they roared with great laughter.

Then a slip of the foot, from a rock underfoot,
Sent Jack in a flail, and he too dropped his pail.
He tumbled in destruction, his arms flung with circumduction,
and the condyloids in his fingers wiggled away.

Jill stared in surprise, then out came her cries,
and all her ligaments began to rattle astray.
Jack's feet went both in eversion and inversion, wobbling in downward motion.
Jill chased after him, Carrying much emotion.
Jack fell down, and he broke his crown, which held some of his fibrous joints.
At the top, where he had dropped,
he bust all his synarthrosis points.
They shouldn't move, But if they do,
There'll be no one to nurture, from the coronal, to the lambdoidal,
to the squamosal, and saggital suture.
Jill came tumbling behind, leaving her synovial joints at risk.
Freely movable and unconfined, her diarthrosis were unfixed.
She reached for her dear brother, her shoulder extended forth.
Her ball-and-socket joint then popped as she went forward.
Jill's hand still in rotation, it faced Jack with supination.
Jack took notation and responded with pronation.
Jill lifted Jack, he rose with elevation.
His neck turned, feeling great agitation.
The pivot joint of his axis and atlas bones grinded as though they were rugged stones.
Jack clutched on his neck to ease the continuous pain.
His thumb bent inward, The saddle joint's position remained.
Them both full of ache in every possible place,
they decided to head home, with feelings of disgrace.
Their bursae and meniscus were throbbing in cramps.
If they tried to skip like before, they'd just look like their gramps.
Jack and Jill no longer had any spirit.
Their amphiarthrosis were almost at the limit.
It was so bad that
If they went any farther, they could fall apart at any minute.
Sore from their tops to their bottoms,
Jack and Jill knew that arthritis would be the least of their problems.


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