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Published on Aug 29, 2007

With the baby boom generation moving into their senior years, we have more people over the age of 55 than ever before. This shift in aging has forced medical science and others in the healing field to pay closer attention to heath concerns of aging than ever before. One of the areas of concern as we grow older is our memory. As the body and brain age, our short-term memory seems to become less acute. As memory fades the mood of the brain and hence the person, also changes, and older people are more susceptible to depression and an overall lack of mental clarity. For some reason, still full not understood, it is short-term memory that seems to falter first. Mental clarity is also compromised and many older people complain of being in a brain fog or that everything seems fuzzy. The very real connection between memory loss and depression or mood problems must also be addressed. Nutritional science has come to the rescue for many older people by identifying foods and nutrients for better memory and providing natural memory supplements and natural memory boosters to help this annoying situation.
Loss of short-term memory can have many contributing factors. Aging itself is a major factor as the brain, like the rest of the body, does not work as efficiently as when it was younger. Stress is another major factor that can dramatically affect memory, especially short-term memory. Prescription drugs are another area of concern since many drugs, often those taken by older people, can affect memory. The link between drugs and memory loss is significant and references may even be found in the Physicians Desk Reference of Prescription Drugs. Another area of concern for older people besides the drug and memory loss connection is a reduction of oxygen to the brain. As the cardiovascular system ages, it is less able to deliver oxygen across the blood brain barrier. Since many seniors tend to avoid exercise this can also contribute to a reduction of oxygen and the link between oxygen and memory becomes a greater potential factor. In fact, between drugs and memory loss and a reduction of oxygen and memory loss, these two may account for the major short-term memory problems of many seniors.
In younger individuals we more often see excess stress as a major cause of short-term memory loss. Head injuries and memory problems are also a factor in younger people. The link between excess stress and memory loss is very well documented and you may have even experience this phenomenon in your own life when under excessive amounts of stress. Short-term memory can fail rapidly when one is under excessive stress and the only way we can fix this problem is to learn to manage stress in a more efficient way.
Alzeimers and dementia are a totally different situation and many people fear, as they get older, that a loss of short-term memory is an early symptom of Alzeimers or dementia. This is not the case 99% of the time. Memory loss is rarely linked to Alzeimers or dementia and can be addressed safely and effectively with natural memory enhancers. Natural memory enhancers have become very popular in recent decades as more and more people are aging and discovering issues with their memory, especially short-term memory. Natural memory boosters often include vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts, along with newly discovered and researched compounds that have proven very effective. Brain memory supplements in general have virtually no side effects and may be used by almost anyone with little issue of contraindication. Memory loss supplements and natural memory enhancers are in great demand and the best ones are those that use a combination of natural memory boosters, together in one combined formulation. There are many viewpoints on which natural memory enhancers are better than others. Until more research is done, our position is to use a natural memory supplement that provides the widest possible combination of known natural memory boosters. Among the most researched and most effective memory boosting nutrients the following should be present in a good brain memory supplement. The B-complex vitamins are important to memory support for many reasons. Firstly they are responsible for central nervous system function and if stress is a factor, they are also the stress nutrients. Of the B-complex, the most important memory vitamins are vitamin B6 and folic acid. These two vitamins play a pivotal role in the memory process at many levels. Taking a Full Spectrum Supplement that provides adequate B6 and folic acid is a wise idea.

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