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Published on Nov 18, 2008

Thanks to the military

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Samantha Charles
I cried like crazy when I watched this I cant wait for my uncle to come home 
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josefina rebacca
" US MILITARY TRIBUTE -FAR AWAY - NICKLEBACK " Shared on google + thanks,,,
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Nichols,zigzag26731 Rainville
Thank you to all the men and women who serve us
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Logan Timothy
I cried to all service men and women I salute you and pray godspeed
Uncle Sam
This video should be required to watch for all the Obama loving, America hating lefties. Maybe they'll learn something. Maybe they'll decide to be patriotic. I doubt it will work, but it's worth a try.
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thanks to all the troops out there protecting our home and our freedom. I hope you come back home soon. safe and sound.
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but2star,  At the time I signed up for the Army, there was no gulf war.  That was a long way off.  I signed up to serve my country and actually EARN the freedom that you take for granted.  I did not choose to go to war.  None of my brothers chose to go.  When we enlisted we knew it was a possibility that we would be sent somewhere to possibly fight and die but,  there was not even a hint of it at that time.   When I was first deployed, we actually helped the people that ASKED the US for our help.  When we entered a village, the locals used to sing a song of thanks to the men of the country that asked for our help.  Before too long they were singing that same song to us.  Meaning my fallen brothers whom you seem to like mocking and degrading.   I am not saying that this is the always the case.  We all know that the actions of a few idiots get the lime light and are pointed out by morons like yourself to prove your point.  But I'll also tell you this.    We, meaning myself and my fellow soldiers were told to go and help.  We went.  When the rounds start flying,  all your politics bullshit doesn't mean anything.  Not to me or, anyone else with a bullet that might have his or her name on it.  You only look out for you and the guy next to you.  Just as he looks out for him and you.  You used my quote calling me and my friends invaders.  I take great offense to you disrespecting those that died so that I could live.  If you want to talk the politics of all this.  Do it in a place more suited to it. This is a place for those of us that lived it or that in some way loved someone that lived it.  You will never understand the point of view of myself or other veterans because you sir are the pussy sitting back and spouting political nonsense in a place that is meant for healing.  I wonder how you would like it if I came to your mother or fathers funeral yelling about how caskets are a waste of valuable resources for the masses and yadda yadda yadda.     I fought alongside with others that were my brother in a truer sense than you will ever know.  I still have a piece of one of them inside me because of a mortar round that took him but not me.  I have the nightmares, I have the nights that I can't sleep.  I have to live with the screams of my friends and of those I shot back at.  I have to live with those faces in my head for all time.  The smells that will never go away.  The feeling like something is missing and not know what.  I have to live with the look on my families face when I came home.  The look of "this is not my son, this is someone else".    These are the things that this post is for.  Not the political rantings of some ass that wants to impress someone that doesn't deserve it.  I fought for my brothers.  Some didn't make it back.  In the end of it all.  I even fought for you and your right to spout your meaningless gibberish to the masses.  All I ask is, use your freedom wisely that my brothers and I EARNED for you. Spout your nonsense if you must.   Just please, do it in a more appropriate place and not in a place that honors the men and women who fought and died.  We individual soldiers did not start any war.  We just do what you will not.                          The fighting and dying for you.                            For your freedom...You are Welcome
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Quantum Razgriz
I pray for the safety of our troops everyday, no matter the branch and I cried a little, because these quotes couldn't be more true, great video, :)
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Nicole Harris
I come from from a family filled with both former and current military (I say military because most of my guys are/were Navy). It hurts to see this kind of argument in the comment section of a military tribute video.  I only have one thing left to say. All those who say things like: "f*** the U.S.A" and "military suck dick" should be ashamed of yourselves. These men and women fought, and some even died to protect you; And this is what you say about  them? SHAME ON YOU! P.S. I'm not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers, but I'm considering going into the military, and already I'm honored that there's a video like this out there!
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major knight
This is sad but i respect all those who have served for our country and died for us
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