1. Bender- Inventory Check

  2. Bender talks next battle and WD4 predictions.

  3. Al Bender (Flight Distance) - Howard's End

  4. Flight Distance - Worth (feat. Theology 3 and Whitney from Sound of Lions) *New track 2013*

  5. Flight Distance - Blanket Party (Official Video) Bad Information

  6. Flight Distance - When The Satellites Fall feat. Escrol (Official Video) Bad Information


  8. Flight Distance - All Crushed Under The Same Terrible Wheel (Official Video) Bad Information

  9. Al Bender(Flight Distance) - St. Catharines(part two)

  10. Al Bender(Flight Distance) - St. Catharines(part one)

  11. Al Bender(Flight Distance) -The Impending Doom of Mayo Methot

  12. Sound Of Lions "Passive Attack" live@babylon nightclub

  13. Squidmilker - A Good Look

  14. Flight Distance - Can't Sleep When I'm Sober (Official Video)

  15. Squidmilker - Caligula

  16. Squidmilker- The Tempest

  17. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- Sunny Dancer and the Midnight Oil


  19. no sweet tooth(Bender Remix)- Flight Distance

  20. cant sleep when im sober(Bender Remix) - Flight Distance

  21. Fat People Getting Severely Injured

  22. Mindblowingly Adorable Kittens Playing

  23. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- the art of shit talking(2006)

  24. Blanket Party (Bender Remix) -Flight Distance

  25. That's Big (Bender Remix) -Flight Distance

  26. "Foreign Objects" (Bender Remix) Flight Distance ft. Soul Khan, Crack Moses and Lay-D Shelz

  27. bad info ad, original art and animation by Jesse Winchester

  28. Flight Distance ft. Soul Khan,Crack Moses and Lay-D Shelz- "Foreign Objects"

  29. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- the bird and the snake.

  30. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- The Tree

  31. Noah23 ft. Bender, D-Sisive, Baracuda & Icon the Mic King - Air Guitar

  32. Flight Distance ft. Escrol - Royal Blue(Tackleberry Remix)

  33. Beatnuts - Yeah You Get Props (Calkuta Remix)

  34. Crack Moses ft. Escrol - No Filler

  35. Crack Moses - hit it raw


  37. Crack Moses ft. Flight Distance - Get in tha trunk

  38. Patience (Flight Distance) - Bipolarbear With Me (2002) - DAT Tape Series

  39. outro-fixed

  40. The Black Sparrow Interlude

  41. Bukowski and Bender- The Shower

  42. Bukowski and Bender- The Rat

  43. Bukowski and Bender- The Last Days of the Suicide Kid

  44. Bukowski and Bender- The Death of an Idiot

  45. Bukowski and Bender- Logs

  46. Bender(Flight Distance)- Small Change: An Ode to Tom Waits

  47. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- Hintonburg

  48. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- Jonny Boy

  49. Squidmilker- Sagarmatha Skyhead

  50. Al Bender--OG snowpusher 2002 instrumental

  51. Al Bender(Flight Distance)- Black Rain

  52. Squidmilker- Snowpusher

  53. Squidmilker- The Sinking Teeth

  54. Our mate Derek in Manchester

  55. Extra large heat

  56. Sway's endless trophy line

  57. OG Hindu Kush live in Paris

  58. Flight Distance live in Paris

  59. Al Bender(flightdistance) 36 bars rinsed

  60. 24/7 ft. BENDER(Flight Distance) -White Chalk