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Published on Nov 29, 2010

Another TSA Video To Make Your Blood Boil -- Appears these TSA's hate mothers who breast feed their babies

All of this TSA garbage are test cases. Once they get away with this, they will escalate their tyranny. My God, I don't see a soul forming massive protests over this unconstitutional garbage. Until the people stand against this tyranny, it will get worse!.

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Graham Schmoker
She sued them and settled with $75,000 and the TSA had to be retrained. This made me ashamed to be from Phoenix!
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USA Growup
I see what the real prob is, that fat tsa agent wanted to confiscate the milk so they could drink it!
Debbie Sides
Road trip! Hate flying anymore.
What are the hiring requirements? IQ under 100 and weight over 300?
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Welcome to the New World Order, where EVERY GOOD Citizen is a criminal. disgusting.
My solution.. everyone in the country stop flying for one month i mean no one at all. let the airlines loose 100s of millions of dollars put a few out of business. and let's see who in TSA still have a job
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Joao Polo
Thanks to the Radical Islamic ideology which spread the fears across the globe, consequently more tide security measures where taken in ALL places which could be potential targets for their terrorist acts including airports. Thanks to Mullah Obombo who brought more of these scumbags terrorists to the United States (as FAKE REFUGEES), so fears from them augmented. Thanks to the Demon-Craps who are determined to destroy the Unites states by doing everything to appease & kiss the assesses of the Islamic terrorists by defending porous boarders & sanctuary cities in which terrorists can hide & operate for their future terrorist acts. Thanks for the Libtards idiots (like the person who posted this youtube) as they can't see beyond their noses & they just bash TSA for doing their jobs. BTW: I'm NOT White, NOT Black, NOT Hispanic & NOT American.
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Todd Ritter
This is why I don't fly. Damn TSA.
Max Doering
Look at that fat dyke just stand there the whole time doing nothing.
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Precious Ariane82
I don't see why she made such a big deal when she didn't even have her baby with her. so why bring breast milk on a plane when there is no baby? And if its becuz of the plane ride that causes breast to feel uncomfortable, why not just pump on or after flight? I'm sure the TSA would've allowed her to bring her breast pump. I think she came with the milk just too fuck with them and prove a point bcuz like she said, they remembered her from before. So when they saw her they knew she was gonna give them hell about some FUCKN breast milk for an imaginary baby...I understand rules are rules but come on....throw the milk away or wait too pump it later....geesh
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