When CoD snipers play TF2 (TF2 Sniper)





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Published on Sep 22, 2011

I just happened to notice this guy while I was pushing the cart and pointed him out to my team, we all had a pretty good laugh about it for the rest of the round. The best part was his name though "prosniper 546"

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Daniel Hong
Lol i found it funny that the heavies were firing at the window too
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daneil franklin
+Louie G yeah............
Strahil Zahariev
well if they have the bullets why not
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In COD you shoot trough walls... In TF2 you can't even shoot trough windows:P
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Papa Bane
+Bald Eagle (白頭海鵰) what wall?
Well, i guess you went on a pretty noob serverXD
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Well he is considering bullet drop, so he must have come from Battlefield, not CoD.
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edx 007
+K patten yes
K patten
+FatihAF What is BF, is it Battlefield?
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Sniper's inner monologue: "Mate, why do you keep making me fire at a bloody window!?"
It was the worst.
where are the raging 5 year olds?
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An Idiot
+Wonup in CoD
+Kids Brooks pedobear?
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Cpt Inferno Pony
@ 0:17 anyone else bet he thinks he killed that heavy?
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Fat Kid
+Anne Ruotsalainen  I am highly confused... Are you Swedish or Finnish?
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Pro x LEG1T
you forgot the 360 quickscopes
Sandbag Gothitwithabat
The description says. The best part was his name though "prosniper 546"
Cod Players forgot the existence of windows.
Kevin Zheng
Somehow my friend is good at CoD-battlefield-halo and tf2. How is that possible??
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Chef Ness
+Nanomint5000 i started with the ps3 version and was blown away with the pc/mac/linux version.
jason jean
he's not braindead that's how I'm decent in halo and battlefield and crazy good in Cod. in Tf2 it me my 396 hrs to learn how to play 4 of the classes properly Demo Solly Sniper and Pyro. just have to have the right mindset for each game. Like you can't go into quake saying I'm gonna go gung ho Max payne style and kill everyone your gonna get fragged playing like that.
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