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Published on Aug 3, 2010

I used to be FAT until I found THIS:

I always hear guys come and tell me they don't have time to workout. But what if all you need is 9 minutes and no equipment?

In today's episode, I'm going to show you how you can get a killer cardio workout in just 9 minutes. That means you can get started at home losing your belly fat and getting six pack abs in just 9 minutes a day.

Here's the breakdown:

Routine Breakdown:

Do 15 seconds per exercise and complete all 5 exercises in a row, that will equal one set. Rest for 1 minute after each set and repeat for 3 set to complete the routine.

Jumping squats with arms up
Side to side push ups
Towel row
Squat and front raise
Half burpees

Try this workout and let me know how you did on it.

And if you want to get a ripped body and six pack abs FAST, watch this video now:


In that video I show you why 95% of guys who wish they had six pack abs fail to get them in the gym. It comes down to four huge mistakes that almost all guys in the gym are making...but which most guys don't even know about.

I'll show you what the mistakes are, so you can avoid them. And I'll also show you the "weird" style of ab training I use instead called Afterburn Training.

Is Afterburn Training the 1 proven shortcut to a ripped body and six pack abs? Watch this video and decide for yourself!

Watch the video now:


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Lucian the Purifier
what do I do if I can't do push ups? I am too weak to do them...
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Lucian the Purifier
It was actually a joke from One Punch Man (Anime). But I did get off my ass and ate clean/worked out. I can do 30 push ups and I lost 50 lbs. If you were wondering, I didn't uninstall league, but I stopped playing everyday. I play around 3 games a week which suits me.
Victor Miguel Vaquero Berra
Well, that's great! Now you are more athletic than me and I don't even play League anymore! Congrats! :)
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Tre-Tre Productions
This workout is the real deal. You will see results. But i like to do it for 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds. And with 30 seconds of rest. Thank goodness I found this video again.
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Facundo Ludueña
oh lol, I will start with 5 tehn. If I'am able to do 6 I will :)
Tre-Tre Productions
+Facundo Ludueña 6
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I found it! I used to do this workout religiously back in 2011 and lost so much weight (30 pounds) that I...Stopped working out. Stupid, I know. I started working out again last month but couldn't find this since he renamed it. For those wondering, this is the best home workout I've ever come across. Ive seen tons of videos on YouTube but none had the results this one had in such a short span of time. It's not easy, but not as hard as people are making it out to be. If you do it the fat will melt off and you'll look damn defined.
At first, I thought this workout was total bullshit and wouldn't work, but I decided to try anyway. At the beginning of November (when I started it), I was 99kg. By the end of September after doing it 3-5 times a week + calorie counting, I was 80kg!!! and had built muscles in my arms, stomach and back :D Thank you!!! I currently am 75kg and arms and back muscles are on point <3 :)
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thats it
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Daniel Tutty
Does this work for skinny people wanting to gain muscle?
Try doing these 10 times rather than 5 for a really good workout but watch your knees though. I have never had knee trouble throughout my life but doing these 10x (rather than 5x) caused a feeling in my knees I have never ever felt before that told me to be careful. Also I have found I plateaued fairly quickly with this sequence doing it in 9mins or 5x. This is why I tried 10 reps. 
This workout is HELL! I had to catch a cab back home.
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I was only being funny.
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Kunphen Nyinje
how many times a day or weeks would i have to be doing this?
André Emanoel
Kunphen Nyinje 3 times per week is Very cool to start out
Jesse Mertens
is this to build muscle? and if it is how many times do i have to do it per week or day?
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João Duarte
+LachenMet J np
João Duarte
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Andrew -
Does this count as a full days worth of exercise? or should i incorporate this into other workouts?
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