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Published on Jan 2, 2010

This is a classic - I heard it a long time ago and I'm glad to have this clip now. It's a shame that the elites today - captains of industry, jet-setters, politicians, bankers, and the ultra-wealthy - now consider themselves above allegiance to America. This includes Barack Hussein Obama and his shrew Michelle, who refuse to call themselves AMERICANS, but instead HE calls himself a 'citizen of the world'. What an obamination to call one's self a global citizen....

Especially poignant are Skelton's comments about the symbology of the flag, the sovereignty of our states, the nature of our Republic, "indivisible", and "liberty and justice for all"...

The flag itself has been made into a symbol of militaristic imperialism. Where the flag flies, it no longer stands for liberty and the high regard given to it by the peoples of the world, but now stands for a police state government that brooks no challenge to its' presumed universal authority. It arrogates to itself the sole unlimited power to decide which countries with which it will wage war, kill hundreds of thousands - even millions - of innocents by using illegal weapons of warfare (depleted uranium munitions and chemical weapons) and experimental weapons. Are you proud of what our government is doing overseas in our name?

The sovereignty of our states was dealt a mighty blow with the War Between the States, properly titled "The War of Northern Aggression", but colloquially referred to as "The Civil War". The 17th Amendment was the last nail in the coffin, stripping the ability of the states to stop an out-of-control federal government by recalling their senators.

I'm not sure at what point exactly we stopped being a Republic. Some will say it happened when Barack Obama became President, but it actually began long ago. I would argue that it happened in earnest during October 2008, when the 'financial crisis' that threatened total economic collapse was used to loot our treasury wholesale with a 'blank check'. In any event, our government is now socialist. It controls portions of our financial sectors, the housing market, the automotive industry (i.e.,"Government Motors"), the insurance industry, health-care, ad nauseam.

Skelton correctly identifies the pecking order between the government and the people: the people are supposed to be in charge. How I miss those days!

He speaks of "indivisible" - yet today, the elites manipulate the masses with a false left-right political paradigm that divides the people between left/liberal/Democrat and right/conservative/Republican. This false paradigm conveniently ignores Libertarians, the Constitution Party, authoritarian vs. libertarian governance, and the 1001 permutations of our American political landscape. Instead, the people align themselves along left/right like sheep, and through our divisions we are being conquered.

Liberty. Oh, to have the full measure of it now, like an asthmatic struggling for just one unobstructed deep breath. People have no notion of what real freedom would be like because they lack the perspective of American history. Not what Rosa Parks had, but what she hoped for. Not what we have today, but what the founders and millions of American Patriots throughout our history aspire for us to have. Certainly NOT what the globalist elites have in store for us.

Justice... well, what can I say? America now incarcerates over 2 million people, more than even Communist China. Per capita, we are without peer in the imprisonment of our fellow citizens. To be sure, we have a large criminal class in our society because we have taken God out of the schools and allowed our children to be taught "values clarification", "situation ethics", or whatever politically correct name you may have for moral relativism. We criminalize behaviors that involve no victim and punish violations of the same without mercy. We use these statutes to wage a larger 'war on liberty', which in turn undermines our rights to property (civil asset forfeiture), freedom from self-incrimination (entrapment), even our right to travel unmolested (checkpoints) and our freedom of speech (zones).

Are you proud of a government that has forbidden our children to even speak of God in our schools? Or the thousand other things inconsistent with our heritage of liberty?

I suggest we begin reciting a "Constitution Pledge" to help restore respect for all the things we hold sacred in the Pledge of Allegiance. It would read:
I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the united States of America, and to the Republic for which our flag stands, one nation under Almighty God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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