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Published on May 27, 2012

This is it, folks, the moment we've all been waiting for!


*dissolves into incoherent puddle of goo*

Clips from the TV show Game of Thrones, season two, episode nine, "Blackwater."


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Still a better lovestory then Twilight
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Paulo Felicio
What a comparison...
I Review
It's a beautiful love story if not for Sansa's age. Please.
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Zak Rosenfeld
notice the foreshadowing Sansa: What about the king? Sandor: He can die just fine on his own. drinks wine :O
I love Sansa and all her polite "fuck you"s
I don't even watch GoT and I found myself watching these episodes, and I can honestly say, Sansa's got balls.
Kelly Nguyen
They could've at least made sandor leave his cloak behind so sansa could have something to remind her of him like in the books, the show does not cater to sansan fans at all
Brooklyn Ann
In the book he throws off his cloak as he leaves and she spends the night huddled under it, despite having serviceable blankets in her room. In Westeros weddings the groom covers the bride with his cloak. So the symbolism is excellent. I watched this video to see if it happened in the show, I couldn't remember. And though I'm disappointed to see that it didn't, I do like the way she picked up a doll and then dropped it after he left. Symbol for her losing her childhood. :D
Sephelutis Lucifus
She always wanted her story to be a fairy tale, well she is in one now called "Beauty and the Beast."
maxy mofoo
This scene should've been MUCH more dramatic like in the book where she sings her song for him. Although I've heard the actress say herself that she can't sing very well. 
Ano Nym
maxy mofoo But they did say that they forced her to Sing on Set... Maybe it just didn't make the cut
Sandor could have set you free, little bird..
Jenna Ramos
Why didn't Sansa go with him ?
+Jenna Ramos I wish she would have gone with him... She might would have been reunited with Arya then
She should have went with Sandor!!!, that was her opportunity to leave! but i guess she and arya doesn't trust sandor and probably hates him for what he did with that butcher's boy in season 1
Sandor scares her something fierce and she likely thought that he was lying to get her in trouble and then killed. Also, in hindsight, if she did leave with him, Tywin would have sent everything he had to drag her ass back and this time she probably would have been confined to a dark cell. At the time, it looked very much like Stannis was going to take Kings Landing, the smarter move was to stay because she thought Stannis wouldn't hurt her. If it wasn't for LF getting the Tyrells to join the Lannisters, that very much might have been the case.
"Hearteater I've named it." Of course he would. You're so b@da$$ Joffrey!11!!
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