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Streamed live on Feb 14, 2013

The explosion in digital technology has transformed the way news is reported -- there no longer needs to be a professional journalist anywhere near what's happening for the story to get out.

Now that everyone is a potential journalist, it's harder than ever to keep abuses of power a secret, whether that's torture by Assad's thugs, or police brutality during demonstrations on the streets of London.

So what do you think? Can citizen journalism change the world? Or will their voices ultimately be ignored by traditional media? Or perhaps we're entering a new era of collaboration between professional journalists and committed citizens on the ground?

Truthloader joined Tim Pool, Faisal Kapadia, Madeleine Bair (Witness), Majed Abusalama, Della Kilroy (Storyful), Michael Cohen (Rawporter) and Christoph Koettl (Amnesty International) to discuss these issues.

Our guests on Twitter:

Majed: @majedabusalama
Christoph: @ckoettl @amnesty
Madeleine: @madbair @witnessorg
Tim: @timcast
Della: @dellakilroy @storyful
Faisal: @faisalkapadia

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