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Uploaded on Feb 3, 2012

May: right lets do your treatment

Madison: I want daddy *pounting and crossing his arms*

May: I know you do but you need to do this first

Madison: No

May: Please Babe help me here be a good boy

Madison: I want Daddy

May: and we you are done we can go see him

Madison: I want him now *shouting*

May: Do you want me to go ring Daddy and tell him that you can't go to his house today because your being silly

Madison: Your mean

May: Madison just do as your told

Madison: No I want Daddy

May: right thats it up to your bedroom *shouting* I have had enough I will ring Daddy and tell him that you can't come right now

Madison: I want Daddy *running off crying*

May flop her self down on to the chair she hadn't had any sleep because Madison had been up all night with his bad chest and May did it all on her own as Ryan was back home for the night she felt drained May picked her self up and ran up stairs she went to Madison room she tried to open the door but Madison wasn't in there he had locked him self in the bathroom she could hear him crying she walked over to the door

May: am sorry baby I didn't mean to shout at you and I didn't mean it of course you can go stay with Daddy but you need to open the door so I can see you and make sure your okay I promise I wont shout

May pushes the door again he is still locked
May: Please sweetie I need a Madison hug

May soon realizes that Madison has stopped crying and isn't making a sound she puts her ear to the door

May: Baby you alright in there

Ryan: Hey you in

May: up here and I think there is a problem

Ryan: Why

May: I shouted and Maddy he has locked him self in the bathroom but he has gone quite all off sudden and he want answer me

Ryan: okay am coming up

Ryan walks over to the door

Ryan: Hey buddy its Ryan you going to come talk to me I have something for you

No answer

Ryan: we need to get the lock of do you have a screw driver

May: ermm yeah I will go get one

Ryan: Okay buddy mummy has gone to get a screw driver and we will get you out of there

May ran down stairs and in to the garage she found one and ran back inside and up stairs where she hands it to Ryan who takes the door handle of they open the door find Madison propped up against the wall breathing heavily and fast

May: Hey baby You need to take this for me okay *putting his spacer to his mouth and pushing down 8 times*

Madison starts to get some colour in his cheeks and breath a bit more easy

May: do I get a hug

Madison holds his arms out May picks him up and cuddles him

May: am sorry I got cross and please don't lock the door again

Madison: sorry Mummy

May: its okay sweetie shall we go to Daddy's house

Ryan: I will fix this for you

May: thanks *smiling*

Madison gives Ryan a hug and they leave

At Joe's house May lifts Madison out the car and carry's him to the door she knocks and waits for Joe

Joe: Hey

May: Hey right you going to Daddy Mr just watch him he just had an attack at home so he might need some more meds in a bit

Joe: okay no problem

May: give me a kiss then and I will see you tomorrow Love you lots

Madison: Love you Mummy

Kayla: aww look at this one big happy family

Joe: what do you want

Kayla: well this is your daughter Kio

May: Madison come to me sweetie

Joe: what are you doing

May: taking Madison home I don't want him around her

Joe: He is my son you know

May: no while she is here

Madison: Mummy

May: come on we are going to go to the toy shop

Madison: but Daddy

May: he will come get you later

Madison: Who is that lady mummy

May: Thats no a lady

Kayla: Says you love

Joe: may you can't do this

May: You can come get him later after she has left

back home

Ryan: I fixed the door

May: Thank you go play buddy

Ryan: Hey buddy no Joe

May: He was in all right but then Kayla rocked up with her baby and well I don't want Maddy around that getting confused so told him to come get him later


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