'Black Panther' To Be Next Marvel Solo Film?





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Published on Jun 6, 2012

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'Black Panther' To Be Next Marvel Solo Film? Details coming your way!

We have all been wondering what in the world will be marvels next move for a solo flick---after the avengers we were all hoping for another hulk film, but Marvel's Kevin Feige quickly revealed that wasn't happening. He hinted that the film would fall "outside the Avengers world" which quickly knocked frontrunner Ant-Man out of the race. Now, according to latino review, it may in fact be Black Panther!

As you comic book movie lovers are aware, the latest marvel movies have been jam packed with easter eggs----one little hint that has caught a few peoples eyes was something noted at the end of iron man 2...tony stark and nick fury plan to meet for the avengers initiative and in the background on some monitors, there is a world map with points on it---one of which is of africa---this may be taking it too far, but some speculate this is a hint pointing to black panther---as he is from the fictional African nation wakanda.

For those of you not familiar with the character, he was first introduced in 1966 as the first mainstream black superhero. Black Panther has superhero senses, is basically a genius, and has claw made out of vibranium...the same material used to make captain americas shield. Black PAnther joined the avengers in 1968 though, which seems to suggest that he may in fact NOT be the next Marvel superhero to get a solo movie after all. ComingSoon.com in fact spoke to sources at Marvel that deny Latino Review's report. Another strike against Black Panther as a likely candidate for an upcoming film is a post from Marvel employee Agent M, who posted this image last month of his email folders featuring Marvel movies that included 2 unknown films. Black Panther wouldn't fit alphabetically into this list if they are in fact the mystery films that have yet to be announced.

Now we all know nothing is final in the marvel niverse until MARVEL says so---and they like to throw us fans through a loop sometimes, but i will say, I think a black panther flick could be cool---but now its got me wondering, who in the world will play black panther?! Who would you guys like to see land that role? let us know in the comment section below and be sre to keep it locked right here on clevver movies, your number one source for movie news!

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Everyone who said Chadwick Boseman, u guys are freaking psychics
Who I would like to is Wesley Snipes as the father and Michael Jai White as the son I think that would be the best and both of them have to martial arts background. Their movement would be fluid and believable.
Are you kidding. There's only one guy.........Omar Epps.
Nak Muay
David Scott
Idris Elba
Keegan Putman
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Isaiah .Johnson
Wesley snipes
Obasi Williams
Alphabetically Deadpool fits on the list, but seeing that Black Panther and him are my two faviorte, I'll be happy either way
My top two choices  Marvel Cinematic Universe "The Black Panther";   1. Jamie Hector (from HBO TV Series: "The Wire". )Dude can act, plus he is also Haitian (having an African accent shouldnt be a problem for him to play T'Challa) and he knows martial arts 2. Chadwick Boseman (Movie: "42").  He sort of looks like T'Challa and he is a rising star actor.  To play the Black Panther's wife, Ororu Monroe aka Storm:  Kerry Washington (Movie "Django Unchained"),  I think she could play a better Storm role than Halle Berry.
Daniel Scott
Disney controls MARVEL's purse strings and a movie about a technologically advanced African nation wouldn't fit Disney's agenda. Let's not forget Walt Disney was a known racist/anti-semite so I won't hold my breath on seeing T'Challa in a movie,and that's unfortunate because Black Panther is a much more interesting character than either War Machine or Falcon,and certainly deserves a movie over Ant-Man!
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