Vanish clouds psychically in May 2015, observe the ball of energy eating them





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Published on May 30, 2015

Vanish clouds by psychic powers in May 2015.
Making clouds disappear by psychokinesis in May 2015. Video made in May 2015 by amateur psychic T. Chase.
This is also called cloudbursting, cloud bursting, cloudbusting, cloud busting, aerokinesis, atmokinesis, airbender, air bender, air-bender, telekinesis.
Please excuse the strange sounding voice, it is necessary to speak like a "humming" sound to get the proper brainwaves for cloud psychokinesis. At 3-4 Minutes notice a moving ball-shaped darker area that appears to "eat" the cloud, I have no idea what it is.
Psychokinesis weather control of clouds. A psychic makes a cloud shrink by psychic telekinesis power. I, T. Chase, amateur psychic, focus on clouds and make them shrink by psychic ESP psychokinesis. Try it yourself. In this video, telekinesis, telekinetic psychic power is focused on clouds by amateur psychic T. Chase. Psychokinesis or psychokinetic power is an ability that humans have but is rarely used. Watch this video and try it yourself. Pick out a cloud or several clouds and focus hard on making it fade away, or grow, chanting cloud disappear or cloud grow as you do. This may even indicate psychic mind over matter telepathic weather control and turning away hurricanes is possible by the dormant mental psychic powers of psychokinesis, if focused strongly enough by powerful psychics with level 5 mind ESP mental psychic power. The only reason I chant during these videos is that it is my way of focusing psychic energy. I find I have to speak in a lower voice to control clouds, it has something to do with the sound. Try it yourself, focus on a cloud and say something like cloud disappear or cloud grow for 5 minutes, and you can make a video of it. I think lots of people can do this. I know for myself it only works with small or medium size clouds, I can't make thunderstorms disappear. If enough of us cloud shrinkers would put cloud shrinking or growing videos on online then maybe people would start to believe in this ability. You could also try having several people focus on a cloud, the ability might be more powerful then. Also, try making the wind blow on a calm day. Think of the possible applications for psychic weather control such as bringing rain to drought areas. Watch this video and try it yourself, you may find this is something you can do, you also may be a cloud shrinker. If you are a cloud shrinker, then if you post a video of cloud shrinking, or cloud growth, you will help prove that many people can do this. And there may be someone out there who can make a thunderstorm disappear, that would make quite a video. This page of my web site shows my psychokinesis videos in detail with still pictures from them:


My web site: http://revelation13.net

Copyright 2015 by T. Chase.

From the Revelation13.net web site, for more on this see Revelation13.net (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code.)


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