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Published on May 22, 2011

Some of you were curious about what I looked like so here are some old pictures I had taken. I'm disabling ratings just to keep this as non-judgmental as possible. If you really want to insult me you still can do so in the comments section where your anonymity is no longer available to you via ratings button. Enjoy.

I really didn't disclose this because of LOLTROLLSEVERYWHERE but that's fine.

Some of you may know this, some may not. I've got an Autoimmune Disease among some other things (like Carpal Tunnel which causes numbness in the fingers and pain in the arms) and have been quite sick for the past five years or so... progressively getting worse.

These pictures are from before I got sick and since then I've been through hell and back and my look is much more sickly and swollen- you can call it fat, but it's actually quite painful. I rarely eat because food makes me sick and yet I still manage to look like the Michelin Man's Wife. Sucks. Sucks hard.

To be quite honest with you I'm pretty sad to see myself in these photo's as a constant reminder of how I used to be when I was healthy but it's not that bad, I guess.

Sure I'm tired, puffy and spaced out like some stoner who chills with Bob Marley (R.I.P) and can hardly breath half the time from allergies and/or life trying to smother me with mockery. I know I could have it worse. You know, like I could have rabid chimpanzee's gnawing at my eyeballs or something to that effect.

Anyway, I always know that things could be worse. I'm still trying to fix myself and run to doctors periodically. I update tutorials on my good days when I'm not sleeping or just resting. Sometimes I will sound spaced out and/or asthmatic but crafting makes me happy despite barely having the energy to do much with it anymore. What I do I am trying to share with you all- it gives me something to do and it gives me a bit of motivation to keep up with something. Hopefully you enjoy the videos- if not I hope you find someone else here on the internet machine that you enjoy.

I also want to take this time to thank the people who do pray for me and/or keep me in their thoughts. It's nice to know that people out there are sending well wishes my way. With any luck I'll finally figure out what is making me so sick and I'll return to the person I was before life took a massive dump on me.

Okay, done typing now. Hopefully that gave you all some insight.

... and If not- feel free to use my health as ammo to troll moar. =3

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Daeris Fenneth
Your awesome! I can barely post a photo on facebook. I couldn't imagine posting something on youtube. You have courage and I truly admire that. I know how being constantly sick feels. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with severe asthma. I constantly had awful cases of bronchitis and had nasty coughing fits. I can remember wondering why I just couldn't go outside and be a normal kid. I always had to stay inside and lay down due to being so sick I couldn't hold my head up. There was one time my family went on a vacation and it ending with me in a oxygen tent and IVs and machines going every which way for about three weeks. Luckily I'm on a fairly decent medication now. But it causes me to gain weight. I'm sure all I have to do is look at something and I gain 50 pounds. I still have bronchitis and nasty colds every once in a while due to my asthma and having a low immune system, but I can't complain because I had worse. I just want to let you know, you have awesome viewers and you're not alone. I know trolls and ass hats are everywhere. Which is VERY unfortunate, but it's just how the world works. I don't want to say 'words don't hurt and don't listen to them', but honestly, words do hurt and if you are like me, you take everything to heart. My dad once said, "people become rude and ignorant because they think they have some sort of power over this world and over you. But that's not the case. You can be too fat, too skinny, too pale or too tan, they will always find something wrong. That's reality kid. But that doesn't mean it's right." 
Ophélie Hempel
your eyes are so awesome! O_O you are beatifull! i like your vidéo! ps: i come from Belgium! you speak very well!
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Taylor Mallett
I cannot agree with +Aitutakikuuipo enough. I love your videos because you are amazing at explaining everything about how to make bracelets. I have made hundreds of bracelets thank to you. There's nothing that aggravates me more than seeing peoples' comments about how your hands aren't showing or that you don't show how to make the knots etc. when you're clearly very organized and  have videos showing every possibly tutorial as to how to make the perfect bracelets! I appreciate everything you do and how great you are at teaching and about how obviously passionate you are about crafting! Thanks for all you do from one of your loyal viewers, (we do exist, I promise.) 
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You are beautiful! Those huge blue eyes....
Lame AF
you're so beautiful,dont ever hide it
Pastelle Lenner
What illness do you have? :( it's sad that sometimes you don't come and I haven't really went here for a bit.... cuz you went........ You sound so much like me... I dunno why... Like you sound so freakin gothic and I am too... It was kinda weird cuz you have chubby hands and suddenly BAM you are so thin and so friggin beautiful. I just expected to see a blonde girl lol 
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I see a beautiful girl with sad eyes. it is difficult to be happy with a life filled with illnesses. I've got carpel tunnel at times and it's horrid. you've had a pretty sad past, but sweetie if you hold on to those memories it will keep hurting you for a long time. it's like holding on to a hot coal...it will keep burning you. try to forgive, or if that's impossible, work on forgetting and leave it behind you. Praying for better days for you.
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Rustic Womble
I just came here due to scrolling nosiness :) I love your humour and your patient explaining of things. I only realised that you were suffering illness via the comments on here (I'm new so forgive me!). Thanks for staying so positive and being an inspiration, and hope you have more good days than bad. :)
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I can't hear that line without thinking of the Donna Lewis (I Love You Always Forever) song... lol. Anyway, thank you. <3
@kiraaxchaos Haha, you did. Sign on Aim I'm bored and want to talk. <3
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