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Uploaded on Jan 24, 2010

I decided after viewing the footage that speculation from English-speaking viewers should end as to what the content in German actually was. I have given my best effort to provide a workable and detailed translation of the content that was aired on ZDF. I am providing this under Fair Use terms for the English-speaking public, and hope that ZDF recognizes its role in trying to inform the public does not, in the Internet Age, restrict itself to its domestic audience. If Europe and North America should decide "independently" to implement such security practices, then it should be open to debate and scrutiny.

My personal opinion -- and one shared by the supposed antagonist of this clip, Mr. Bosbach of Merkel's CDU -- is that 100% security is impossible. More than that: absolute security -- unlike human dignity and privacy-- is not a founding principle of western democratic republics. If we espouse our rights as if they were debatable, then we undermine them ourselves. Security is not a right, privacy is not a privilege that the State is in a position to revoke. The logical conclusion of such logic is totalitarianism. This is unacceptable if the true goal of security is the preservation of liberty. The cozy relationship of poltiics to the security business arena should make us ponder whether or not that is actually the goal at all...



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  13. Body Scanner Demonstration (German w/ English Subtitles).mp4

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