Austin Petersen on Connie Mack: Should Florida Ron Paul supporters support Connie Mack?





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Published on Oct 24, 2012


Note: I realize I interrupted too much and am biased. Sorry. I'm not a journalist or neutral in any way on liberty. :)

A couple days ago, I was lucky enough to meet up with Austin Petersen, the former Producer of Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, who the Judge introduced to 7,000 people on Friday night as "the right side of my brain."

Austin's extremely well-known in the liberty movement and a self-described big L Libertarian Party member and 100% Ron Paul Republican on virtually every issue. He calls Connie Mack his "favorite Republican candidate" in "the House or Senate" nationwide in this video. He explains why. Spoiler alert: it starts with liberty.

Austin is now a Director with FreedomWorks PAC. Go to www.pac.freedomworks.org for more info and tools he recommends to win. FreedomWorks is somewhat stealthily largely run by Ron Paul Republicans, small l libertarians, and big L Libertarians like Austin. They are helping hand-picked candidates nationwide win. Notably, RandPAC is also doing a great job with ads which may be key to win (credit Tom Lundy on this inside info).

- Check out www.libertypac.com and click Endorsements to see Ron Paul's endorsement of Connie Mack. Rand has as well.
- Check out www.conniemack.com for more campaign info.
- Please join "Florida Ron Paulers for Connie Mack" on Facebook to brainstorm and organize statewide.
- Please consider wearing Ron Paul hats or t-shirts if and when you help but please be diplomatic and work hard if involved.

As Austin explains in this video, Mike Lee who beat a 3-term REPUBLICAN Senator in Utah to join Rand Paul on the side of liberty, says he could not have won without us. Connie Mack is within 1 point in 1 poll and gaining ground. It's that close.

Still not sure? I've reviewed his entire voting record and there are votes I do not like but I love his votes on key liberty issues like the Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, against the debt ceiling increase, for guns, his Mack Penny Plan which with Ron and Rand's was one of only three budgets with cuts, his position against the "joke" Paul Ryan Plan as he calls it and his position on defunding the U.N.

With respect to defunding the U.N., and as Austin explains, it's hard to argue his opposition to regimes that are anti-liberty even if he may not embrace non-interventionism yet. HE'S NOT. CONCEDED. FEW ARE... YET. At least he's for defunding the U.N. which can't be understated. That's HUGE!!!! And, at least he has spoken about ending foreign aid as well. And, we can influence him since he's so great on civil liberties and real spending cuts.

Liberty lovers, a final note, Connie Mack has been on Fox defending Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Who else has? That's a very good start and goes to integrity. I'll post that video here asap. I may also be able to find video of him discussing his opposition to John Boehner. I'll work on it. Please consider supporting liberty in this election with an excellent shot to win.

Here are Connie Mack's appearances on FreedomWatch for your review everybody. http://www.youtube.com/results?search...

In Liberty,

Scott Olver
Speaking for myself and no organization, just as a liberty activist in Florida


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