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Published on Sep 6, 2012

My mom reacts to the video of her sleepwalking. Success.
Watch the video she's reacting to HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNYT_r...
My mom has her own channel now - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVf3...

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Comments • 3,794

i know that sleepwalking is normal (i mean, not something supernatural), but to me, this is one of the most unsettling and scary things about humans.
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Kyle Souza
Yeah, it feels like they're "empty"
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bryson heath
i remember when i was about 13 i went to bed early and when i stared to sleepwalk my mum was still up. i got a bowl, tortilla chips, milk, and sugar. and put it in the bowl and ate it all. my mum said was trying so hard not to wake me up with her giggling. she showed me some footage she took i i wasn't sure what to think because i had a dream exactly like that. oh man, i will have to post that as soon as i find it.
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BamBam GOT7
I had a dream I walked outside to collect spiderwebs 😂😂 and when I woke up my feet had dirt and water on them and on my bed😂😂👍🏻👌🏻 and I found an ant in there
+bryson heath This video, I GOTTA see! :-D
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Lucky you she is not violent! My ex girlfriend would randomly start asking werid questions then get frustrated because I could not answer them to the way she wanted. "It was questions like where did she put the loaf of bread last week" After getting frustrated cause she didnt get an answer she wanted she would start yelling at me or slapping me in the face.  It was all so very werid, confusing, and I had no idea what to do at the time hell even now I would still not know what to say or do.
Jennylee Superstar
so when I'm feeling down, which is rather often as my dad's on a downward spiral health wise. gave him a kidney 14 years ago. now it's failing amongst other things....and the video of your amazing mother keeps me cracking up. the "I'm pissed oowfff" is my fave. it means the world to me during the hardest time of my life. love u all. mom. grandma. grandpa. Bf. all of u guys. my gf and I are pretty clever. someday I pray for some collaboration. we could rock this world. tell your mama she keeps my spirits relatively upbeat when they are struggling. YOU GUYS ROCK
Mara Martinez
Aww ur mom! Too cute!! Btw... Seriously, your mom has great legs!!! Like wow!!!
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+Mara Martinez You saw her legs for like 2 seconds... too weird!
Mara Martinez
Lol... It's the truth, she's got pretty legs. At her age she's blessed. But fine, whatever, I'm a creep or creepy. 😜😄
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Dalilah Ginez
Funny story about my bro So i was watching tv in the living room and my brother (10yrs) was sleeping. He came out of his room and walked to the kitchen. He sat down on the of the chairs and started to pee. And when he finished there was a huge puddle of pee under the chair. He got up and whent back to sleep. I regret not having a phone when that happened😂😂
Dalilah Ginez
By sleep i ment like he whent back to the bed. I didnt follow him but i heard weird noises😂
Elon Musk
Your sons gay.
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Kathleen Oliver
I think she knows.  What is your point?  It doesn't matter.  
So is your spelling.
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Michael Myler
I have a very very funny sleep walking story when I was 9 years old my younger brother came to the living room sleep walking and he sat in the couch then cried 😂😂 OMG that was a great memory haha hahaha 😂
Claude Zwalker
Funny video but be aware of the hidden dangers of sleepwalking.  Google "Sleepwalking Safety" for a new website which features sleepwalking cases where children and adults were seriously injured or killed while sleepwalking.  This website provides excellent videos about sleepwalking produced by CNN, National Geographic Channel and ABC News and also provides a great platform from which to research and buy sleepwalking alarms to protect your sleepwalker.  Parents and caregivers you need to KNOW WHEN YOUR SLEEPWALKER IS ON THE MOVE!!.  Please be proactive and protect your sleepwalker.
I actually think I sleepwalk. My cousin said she also sleepwalks sometimes. She also said that it is kind of in the family. So here is the story, i was feeling tired so I went to sleep on the couch but my dad told me to go to bed instead so I did, I got up, went to bed and went to sleep. Then when I woke up, I woke up on the sofa. And at first I thought that Dad must have moved me to arrange the bed but when I asked him he said I got up and started walking towards the sofa. He said that while I was doing so, He started asking me to turn on thing that heats up your water ( dunno what it is called in English, let us call it a heater ) and he said that I simply responded with " Ok, I will turn it on in a second, just wait a bit " . Then he said I just went on the couch and went to sleep again even though he asked me to turn on the heater 3 times and I replied with the same answer.
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