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Published on Jul 17, 2012

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Batman The Dark Knight takes on Captain America the first Super Soldier. Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It's batarang vs. shield in the first episode of Ultimate Fan Fights!

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UFF is a web series created by:
James Mark - http://twitter.com/JamesMark2X
Yung Lee - http://twitter.com/iamgak

Director -- James Mark

Producer -- Jon Ho
Producer -- James Mark
Producer -- Yung Lee
Producer -- Avery Chan
Executive Producer - Grant Thompson
Executive Producer - Bernard Ho
Associate Producer -- Mark Boucher

Director of Photography -- Justin Lovell
Editor - Yung Lee
Captain America Costume Designer -- Jenn Woodall
Dark Knight Costume - Gotham City FX

Production Manager -- Avery Chan
Assistant Director -- Mark Boucher

Assistant Camera -- Jamie Shaw
Assistant Camera -- Rob Tagliaferri
2nd Assistant Camera -- Ernesto Lemus
Steadicam -- Michael Heathcote
Steadicam -- Yoann Malnati

Gaffer -- Tony Smith
Gaffer -- Bryan Brooks
Best Boy -- Cody Preston
Key Grip -- Bruce Harper
Key Grip -- Ryan Hernandez
Best Boy Grip -- Justin Yarosky

Make-Up -- Lisa Vella
Wardrobe Stylist -- Deanna Sciortino
Prop Painter - Tamar Lipsey

VFX Supervisor / Creative Director / Lead Compositor / Roto & Paint Artist -- Yung Lee
3D Artist - Tom Antos
3D Particle Artist - Matthias Muller
Digital Imaging Technician -- Jason Gosbee
Set Photographer: Paul Pedosuik
BTS Camera: Marissa Mel

Sound Design - Dan Pugsley

BTS -- Kobi Ntiri
Production Assistant -- Marco Iaboni
Production Assistant -- Mackenzie Isobe
Production Assistant -- Derrick Modesto


"Glorious Touchdown"
Takeshi Furukawa & Thomas Dill
Soundcast Music

" Knockdown"
Takeshi Furukawa & Thomas Dill
Soundcast Music

"The Assasin's Plot"
Andrew Skeet, Luke Gordon
Atmosphere Music Ltd

"Rough Justice"
Mark Russell
Atmosphere Music Ltd

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Batman is the winner!
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Minecraft _Rulez
Zanka no Tachi Did you see him do that in the vid?
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tarif khan
the only thing ruined this video is the suit of captain america
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Yeah it's almost as if the people who made this were in someway biased.....
Tenacious One says
his suit and the guy who played him....at least batman has the fake rubber muscle and shit....he looks like a super hero....but Cap looks weak as fffffffffuuuuuuuuuck!
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KerryWhite's StrangeWorld
Guys here are captains stats. Bench:3 tons. Speed: 50 mph. Jump height, and length: 20-30 feet. Abilities: super strength, speed, jump, and durability. Has thrown hulk off of his feet. Ran 1 mile in 27 seconds. (Or 37?) shield is made by the strongest material/metal in the world, vibranium, and can't be destroyed by anything except through some way that it got destroyed by some dragon. He has a type of spider sense but of course a little slower. He can see thing better, and notice something that a good detective would need, which its a little better than bat mans of course bc bat man is only human. captain America has led battles in wars, and is 2-3 times more strategic than batman. He has benched a motorcycle with 3 women sitting on it without even trying. And batman has said (in comics of course) that captain would most likely beat him in a fist fight. Weaknesses: He isn't human, but he still has human characteristics, such as bleeding, hurting, and bones can still break although it would take about 2000 psi to break his bones, or more. Captain America would beat batman, and now that I've actually said this stuff I think he has a better chance against my favorite superhero ever, Spider-Man. (Also cap. Knows every martial arts known to man, batman knowing 127.)
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Rockaholic Angel
Batman all the way. This Cap is too skinny and corny.
Combat Console
Rockaholic Angel your right
Camouflagewolf_ Gaming
cap kinda looks pretty chubby to me.
Batman would totally win this fight, he is the master of every fighting style!
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Nathan Humy
the only style you need is American 
official toby heron
I agree Captain America is insane he would totaly win that fight.
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This is really a tough one. Batman is probably smarter but their both insanely good tacticians. Cap leads Avengers and Bats is just an insanely smart guy and good tacticians. Hmm, bats has lots of gadgets that could harm Cap  for example his sonic device could just paralyze him but caps shield is insanely deadly and 1 hit or punch from that could damage Batman, heck, 1 punch from cap could already damage Batman as he is much stronger being a super soldier. Cap has fought actual wars and definitely has experience on his side being much older and more wise. Then again Cap has wielded Thors hammer several times and Bats has some really really powerful exosuits that could probably crush Cap. And then Caps shield is enchanted by Asgardian magic after it got broken by the Odins brother.  Cap is faster and has better reflexes. Thor says hes the only human he will take orders from and walk through the gates of hell with. His mile is about 1 minute so hes insanely quick. Cap has more endurance so he could run bats out of stamina. Bats is the greatest detective. hes one of the best on-the-spot thinkers and can withstand great amounts of pain. This is really a fight that can go either way. Their both really good tacticians, however they are both hard hitting humans so either Cap gets a good hit on Bats and knocks him out good or Bats intelligently catches cap off guard with one of his gadgets and Cap is done. And if we are allowed to pull from any point in time then Cap is basically Thor so he wins even againts Bats super power exo-suit. 
Any point in time... Batman with either Sinestro Corp or GL Corp could take on Cap's Asgardian shield. Or it could be that old Batman that use Bane's Venom for super strength. Awe he'd end Cap. (He wouldn't, he'd just knock him out. Bats ain't a murderer.)
Batman has fought in wars too. Just alien wars and even traveled back in time and into the future to help out. He fought the White Martians, The Thanagarians, Hades' Army, Ares' Army, The Joining, and even fought along side Superman, Wonder Woman and the Amazons of Themyscara (spelling?) against an army of Doomsdays. Shoot he even fought Darksied's armada. I'd say they're about equal. Just pick your favorite. And I choose Batman.
Batman with no preperation for this fight may lose. Batman with preperation wins. He took on the entire JL and won. I dont think batman would even bother fighting Captain without preparing right first hes to smart. 
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+Michael Carr yes I agree , batman is a master martial artist and has allot more training and skill combat wise. Now Cap does not have the traditional training but he is the smartest combatant of the avengers. So its close, even so If you saw Captian America 2. He even struggles with a bad guy who has some matrial arts skills. So…..If he struggled beating a normal bad guy , Batman would defedently be a issue.
Elijah Fairbanks
Hey if b-man gets prep time so does Cpt. 'Murica.
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Captain America would probably kill Batman, Sure Batman may know martial-arts, but Captain America helped win World War 2 without fancy smancy wrestling techniques. Both characters can lift over 1,000 pounds, but cap can run as fast as a rocket propelled from a fighter jet when at full adrenaline. Captain America has found a way to beat the FRIGGIN JUGGERNAUT. It's not like bane has mental weakness does he?...Know, he is just a coward who uses steroids to get big. Along side cap socking Adolf in the jaw. He has taken out Galactus by himself, beat Superboy, and has a team that actually cares about him, unlike the Justice League...Besides...Cap 's worst enemy is a nazi, not a clown...I think we all see who is going to win...CAP.
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Dave Goode
+Siddiq Ismail Off the Top of your head name 127 martial arts.
Water Melonees
+Gunhappyninja Sorry, wrong number. I'll correct it.
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Captain Americas advantages are his super soldier stats while Batman's is his slightly better fighting skills (Not calling cap a chump but 127 different martial arts is a lot) and his gadgetry. As tough as Cap's shield his (Pretty sure it absorbed a pissed off hulks punch before) It's still just a shield and if he is disarmed it puts him at a slight disadvantage. Same could be said for Batman's utility belt but since he has various counter measures to prevent anyone from taking it I doubt that'll happen. Both are master tacticians but I'd say Batman uses his brain more so than Captain America does in fights. This could pretty much go either way.   
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Bane has done that to and Batman is still portrayed as the better fighter. But that is still an edge to Cap who is marvels 2nd best h2h combatant
Cap has made his own fightning combat cuz he has mastered them all 
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Cap is NOT above human he is PEAK. so is batman. Truth is they're pretty evenly matched, batman being the more aggressive fighter of the two. He's more intelligent and a more skilled fighter. He learned to fight the good old fashioned way. Cap is great too, but a lot if it is owed to the super serum. It would be close. Honestly it could go either way.
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Zanka no Tachi
+Isai Orozco Actually, if we think about it, Cap can get laid as well since he often goes to bars and stuff. But yeah, whatever, not fight-relevant. 
Last but not least, batman gets laid
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