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Published on Aug 30, 2010

I ONLY translated. Not MINE. I think you can understand, but my english isn't so good.
original: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm11458189

I refered to SotetAG's skillful translations at a few spots.
At the last part, I wrote some sentences which the songwriter wrote but the singer didn't read.


01:29 "Tony" is a nickname for the monster.

01:54 "A.K.Y." is a nickname for America.
It's an abbreviation of "Aete Kuuki Yomanai (don't read an atmosphere intentionally)."

04:08-04:12 Japan said "itai" twice. In Japanese, "be hurt" and "want to be" do the same pronunciation, "itai."

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Anonymous Dee
What if Steve is actually a Titan???
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(0:25 to 0:44) Black Rock Shooter, (0:45 to 1:06) Heavenly Star???, (1:07 to 1:28) Do-Dai (1:29 to 1:38) Paffendorf/Under My Skin, (1:39 to 1:48) Dancing Samurai (1:49 to 1:58) ????? (1:59 to 2:09) Sky High Kirby (2:10 to 2:19) Got the Groove???? (2:20 to 2:29) Remilia's Theme Touhou (2:30 to 2:40) Bad Apple! (2:41 to 2:50) I'll Go To Tokyo (2:51 to 3:12) Rainbow Girl (3:13 to 3:33) Starry Sky????, (3:34 to 3:54) Hello Windows Remix (3:55 to 4:05) Saikyou Pare Parade, (4:06 to 4:20) ?????(4:21 to 4:40) celluloid??, (4:41 to 5:01) Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (5:02 to 5:24) Lion Macross (5:25 to 5:57) Seikan Hikou (5:58 to 6:17) ?????, (6:18 to 6:28) Get Down/Eternal Love/Promise (6:29 to 6:39) ???idk i think it's from eva neon gen??? (6:40 to 6:50) World is Mine (6:51 to 7:02) Cirno's Theme Touhou (7:03 to 7:24) Nanairo/7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga Intermission or something (7:25 to 7:34) ?????? (7:35 to 7:44) ????? (7:45 to 7:54) Ponyo (7:55 to 8:04) smoooch (8:05 to 8:14) Double Lariat (8:15 to 8:35) Tewi Eien Tewi Touhou (8:36 to 8:45) Meltdown (8:46 to 8:55) Ojamajo Carnival (8:56 to 9:09) ????? (9:10 to 9:17) Hammer Zone (9:18 to 9:38) Red Zone BeatMania (9:39 to 9:49) Nanairo/7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga Intermission thingy part 2 (9:50 to 10:33) Nanairo/7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga thingy (10:34 to 10:53) Don't Say Lazy (10:54 to end) Nanairo/7 Colors of Nico Nico Douga Ending
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Singable lyrics: Veneziano, Tell me, where’d you go? I won’t let you go Through this alone! Avoiding all the training, Germany will be angry. When I heard a ghost story Of a haunted mansion. I want us all to get closer And maybe we can get along better America will help me get them to go! So, let’s go together! The first day there Was almost too bizarre for me to bear Please, let this all end And let me escape with all my friends The door made a loud creak While they all were still asleep If I make the first strike, certain victory, right? But it was only France Defending his stance It’s just you? Oh mein gott However We got caught Tony, Tony Oh my god! Oh my god! Tony, Tony Oh my god! Oh my god! Tony, Tony Oh my god! Oh my god! Tony, Tony Oh my god! Oh my god! Kumajirou fights, raging with extreme might And with mighty damage, Tony he did smite Alone in the bad room He vanished from sight A dark horse he must be But really, who is he? Always deadlocking any progress Really, this guy... An AKY who no one can hate, I guess? Oh, they’re in danger? Don’t worry, I’ll save the day! Champion of Justice, USA! I’m sorry, Nii-Nii I can’t think of lines for you There isn’t much you can do I need to write more lyrics too Nii-Nii, just look and see, you really can’t do anything So I’ll just wait for you, and for your next move Ko-Ko-Ko-Kolkohoz, Get fearful of Mr. Scary Ro-sama Level 10 means already strong, it’s true But you still need to get stronger too I’ve seen far too many things So many awful scenes All this fear and misery Weighs very heavily on me And every choice I make It seemed to be a mistake Despair had seemed to be the only choice left for me And yet all the words you say Must have brightened up my day “Don’t worry, no one will die! We will continue to fight!” The dubious pictures, the dubious pictures Sucks for them, laughs for me But they fixed them later! Yay! But I’m going to laugh anyway I'm sorry. Although I try my best I can’t do it, I can’t keep him at rest A weakly me will just be a chore. I can prevent all the gore, but only for two seconds more But two seconds are okay They could save the day Then I will just risk it all And I will save someone from fall The comments are excessive With people covering Tony’s head with fan’s thoughts And we all love this story And we all cheer for all the nations, in all the time loops However, we will get angry. Because of this screen, We can’t save a single thing! ~ Italy there’s no need to feel alone You worked so hard all on your own To set things right To save our lives But we were the ones who decided to fight Do you remember when I asked “Are you in pain?” Well, I meant “Is there somewhere you want to be?” Don’t worry, we will get free And when we all get out We’ll all play without a doubt I promise you this. I want to save you, Italy Keep you away from all the things that could hurt And I know this place is here To protect from the fears And when we leave this place I can finally see your smiling face We choose to believe That in the end they’ll finally reach A Happy Ending And they’ll finally be safe. This anger that we feel We will yell It’s just that we cannot help. “You stupid screen, please stop preventing my helping!” I have to protect them all, I need to protect them all I just don’t want to stay alone... So no matter what, I’ll rewind time Even though sometimes it’s for my own life I am sure I’ll protect them, I am sure they will escape I just want everybody to leave! I know one day we will be So I will never stop trying, until we all are free! You’re just an idiot. Doing all of this alone. But, Italy, I think yes Your efforts will get them home. Focus on escaping with them all As fast as you can manage Because your fresh cakes won’t wait for long Back home, where you belong. I think we all really wanna know Belarus suddenly appeared on the show And a new party of girls formed? The girls want to play, ready to save the day! So Dear Creator, Please don’t stop the story just yet! It’s alright If you just want to forget a sad pain of your past But you need To remember that you had loved them at last Just lock that person in your heart And hold the memories dear, and with you for all your years This might seem off-topic but Let’s go explore what they had worn! All of those nice clothes Although they now look cool Were funny! If we all decide to work together To leave here with everyone Then we will work forever Produce miracles! And we will never give up! Conan cannot beat this man in terms of brains But we are completely shocked all the same But seriously, what the heck is his name? Although shaking very hard at first, He made a haven in this awful curse. And he realized what the others still had not. So Germany has really changed, quite a lot. ~ To the North, a blueberry To the East, an awful scone To the West And to the South What is waiting for us now? A country of sunshine The passion stays alive, it is Spain! He was the first down after the fight began, Like a cool Boss! Um, why is Shinatty-chan up there? Wait, so they all wrote what all they want to do here? Well then, I guess it’s pillow-fight time! Sexy Knockout Match! Ve~! All the time I have, is now spent with friends This time is truly so precious I know I’ll cherish These memories that I’ll keep for sure Because this one is the last time loop I’ll endure! These new guys caused a problem Now there’s not enough beds, and so I guess instead Put all the blankets onto the floor We can all sleep on the ground, just do not snore! Time’s gone on Over and over, for too long When there is a new loop, I saw what you have seen And now to your side I go! Veneziano! Remember, it is not just you I will stay with you too! The only thing I want to do right now Is to jump into this hole. Darling brother Come, so we can become a whole! So many questions and not enough solutions! We’re all looking forward to ending the confusion We all appreciate The Dear Creator For all the games they make They all are just so great! You’re damaged, I see? Have an onigiri! You want more MP? Beer gives that to me! Ouch, there’s a KO? Hot peppers make your heart go! Hetalia and yummy food? How could you ever separate the two?! Hetaoni Hetaoni~ Scary Torture 74! You want to die, please, step forward! Kolkoholz at level 10! Pescatores will save you then! My eroge will heal you all! Countless strikes will cause your fall! Confront you with ammo plenty! Stringing all of my words quickly! We all raise our voices When they escape, we’ll all rejoice! We can make the whole world unite! This is worth it, right? That is Hetaoni! ~ 1. Italia, Just open your eyes I can’t let you die... 2. Everyone, Everyone, They’re all going to die, leaving me to grieve…? I won't believe 3. Please trust me, okay? You’re not alone, anyway. We are all here too, we will free you! 4. Someday, and this I know, we’ll all get to go home. 5. Stupid, so strong Tony! 6. Iggy this is best. Don’t cook for the rest. 7. Mysteries we’ll solve! Get clues with resolve! 8. Oh please, I want us to escape! I want to go with you After all this, maybe You think, maybe They can smile back at me? We kill them all again, but instead More come and they rise from the dead! However, (I will never forget, all of you, and this place yet) We will never surrender! “Tony, please just die.” we pray But what we really say is “let us reach though the display” We will yell and scream in fear The Creator ain’t so ‘Dear’ For doing things like this! But even though we fight, we all enjoy it, right? So yes, we’ll cry and yell We enjoy this game as well We have one thing to say, for everyone watching this play HetaOni Douga! HetaOni Douga!
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Mar's Channel
I'm sorry, but the line "Take U.K. out of the kitchen" destroys all the feels
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Unknown Grimoire
Does anyone else want to switch Italy and the others for themselves, so they don't have to deal with Steve any more. Even though they aren't real, I do pity them. Especially Italy, who had to watch all his friends die. If I had one wish, it would be for them to escape the mansion unharmed.
Bridget Adams
Fun Fact: The people that Feli overhears are the main characters in Ao Oni.
Zahra Haniyyah
I'm not crying. Yeah I'm not sobbing sound in the distance
I cried before this video started. I'm so brave-
Farah Aulia Ramadhani
I just realized that the four people from the beginning is the characters from Ao Oni xD
I just noticed that the first picture of them all together and the last are different. Like, everyone except Japan has a different/happier expression or pose, Canada is transparent in the first, and Spain and Romano are added. Feels be like...
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