The President Daughter A Nick Jonas Sister Story *Chapter 3 part 2*





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Published on Jun 6, 2011

Check out my other channel please I'm begging u cause if I don't get at least 3 comments I'm not gonna post my next story until Friday so your choice and if u don't know what I'm talking about check the last chapter please.

(Chapter 3 part 2)

Still Stella's POV

Once Uncle Kevin left dad turn to me and said.

(Dad) bend over the desk now

Dad said in serious tone which made me whimper but I didn't move instead I said something.

(Stella) daddy can u please do it over your lap
(Dad) *sighs* fine but if u do anything like that again than I will defiantly give it to u

I nodded and he sat in his chair and he called me over and I laid over his lap.

Nick's POV
When my daughter laid over my lap I put the brush down on the table and tug down her pants. When I did that I started the warm up with my hands first.

"smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack"

After the last 10 I did 5 more to her bottom and finish the warm up. I continued for another 3 minutes than when I was done with that I went to pull down her panties but she went to block it but I smack her bottom and she squirm in my lap and said.

(Nick) Stella what did I say about touching
(Stella) u said if I touch I would be getting the belt with it three times
(Nick) that's right
(Stella) but daddy I want my spanking bare it's hurts
(Nick) Stella it's suppose to hurt that's why it's called a spanking

I move her hand and held a firm grip on it and pulled down her panties. I picked up her brush and I started hitting her bottom for 5 minutes with it until her bottom turns a bright pink.

Once I finish with the brush she was already crying, I gave her few minutes to calm down before taking off my belt. When I took off my belt I set her on my feet and pointed to corner.

(Nick) corner time for ten minutes and make sure u arm facing that corner young lady
(Stella) yes Mr. President sir

She said before walking over to the corner. I time myself on my watch for ten minutes and when they were up I called her back over and told her to bend over to table and she did with out arguing and I started hitting her bottom with my belt three times.

"Smack! Smack! Smack!"

After the last three I drop my belt and pulled my crying daughter in my arms.

(Stella) I'm sorry daddy
(Nick) I know u are angel and daddy forgives u
(Stella) am I still your little girl
(Nick) u will always be my little girl
no matter what u do you'll always be my little girl

She smile and hug me and I kiss the top of her forehead and said.

(Nick) go change into your clothes alright baby
(Stella) okay but u promise no peaking
(Nick) I promise

I turn the other way to let her change and when she finally told me she was done I turn back around and said.

(Nick) I have to go back to work now baby, I want u to go back to your Aunt Dani and give her back your clothes and apologize alright

She nodded and turn around to walk out but I smack her bottom which made her rub it and turn around and I shrugged my shoulder and she shook her head before leaving. And I laugh to myself before getting back to work.

Stella's POV
I slowly walk to my aunt and uncle rooms and knock on their door and Aunt Dani answered.

(Dani) come in

I slowly walk in and I see Annie had her arms around her dads neck and I could tell that she was crying. They both look at me when I came in.

(Stella) Aunt Dani I'm sorry for touching your things without permission

I hand her clothes and she took them and hug me and said.

(Aunt Dani) it's alright sweetheart I forgive u

I smile and Uncle Kevin motion me to sit on his lap which I did.

(Uncle Kevin)  I'm proud of u bumble bee

I smile at my nickname and he kiss the top of my forehead.

(Annie) hey what about me

Uncle Kevin chuckled at her and kiss her forehead and said.

(Uncle Kevin) u two my little sun flower, u know u two are the greatest and u want to know your reward
(Annie/Stella) what?
(Kevin) this

He slam us both on his and Aunt Dani bed and started tickling us both and the both of us were laughing like crazy. Hey I maybe 11 years old but I still act like a kid.


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