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Published on Jul 7, 2008

How can God not need a cause? How can God be omnipotent? How can God be three beings, but also one? How can God allow evil, given his perfection? Is it because He can defy logic?
What would it mean if God did not have to obey logic?

When posed with logical problems such as the uncaused cause, the omnipotence paradox, the trinity, and the problem of evil, which all seem to defy reason, many Christians will reply that God is not bound by laws of logic, as his universe is. Perhaps, you might say, God created logic only for the universe, or that logic is a human concept that does not apply to God. Often, Christians will argue that God can do anything, even if it contradicts human logic.
But if that's true, how can you deduce anything at all about God?

Here's an example:
You blaspheme God.
Blasphemy is a sin.
Sin angers God.
God punishes those who anger Him.
Using logic, you could conclude that God will punish you for blasphemy.

But if you deny that God obeys logic, then you can conclude NOTHING.
Maybe sin pleases God.
Maybe sin enrages God, but he will reward people for it anyway.
Maybe God will spare you.
Maybe God would have punished you for NOT blaspheming Him.
And you wouldn't have any right to complain.

Once you accept that God does not obey logic, your notions about God, no matter how logical, would have to be thrown out.
Christians will argue: "But God says in the Bible that he will punish sinners."

However, if God defies logic, then He could have lied in the Bible.
He could even tell true lies or false truths.
Such blatant contradictions would be possible for God, even if you, as a mere human, could not comprehend them.
He could lie as much as He wants and still be honest and perfect.
Maybe God wrote the Bible for amusement. Or for evil.

If God operates by his own rules, or by no rules at all, there would be no logical connection linking what God says, what He means, and what He does.
You could not determine anything about the probability of what God's will is, either.
You could not say that God PROBABLY means what he says, because there would be no logical necessity for God to do so.
God could say what He doesn't mean, or do what He doesn't want.
There would be an infinite number of ways in which God could act, only one of which would be the way He is described in the Bible. The chances of the Bible being true, therefore, would be infinitely small.

Who will God send to Heaven?
Maybe only:
Or non-Christians.
Or Muslims.
Or Jews.
Or Hindus.
Or Buddhists.
Or Christian apostates.
Or blasphemers.
Or atheists.
Or Taoists.
Or garbage men.
Or mad men.
Or pedophiles.
Or country singers.
Or Bill Murray.

Maybe God will send Christians:
To Heaven.
Or to Hell.
Or to Hell Michigan.
Or to Hawaii.
Or to 1926 AD.
Or to bed.
Or to prison.
Or to the center of the Earth.
Or to Uranus.

If God defies logic, then your whole worldview would be changed.
You would become paranoid, since the most powerful force in the universe would make no sense to you at all, and could work in mysterious, illogical, frightening ways.
God could punish the most horrible sinners by reincarnating them into your preachers.
God could disguise himself as the Devil and tempt you.
God could, just for the fun of it, erase your memory every five minutes and replace it with new memories.
You would have no idea how to get into heaven, whether heaven even exists, or whether reality as you know it exists, because God could be constantly lying or altering reality and your consciousness.
God could do all of these things for no reason at all if he did not need to obey logic.

Would it be possible for God to tell you truthfully that He doesn't exist? If God is not bound by logic, then yes.

If you say that God does not have to obey logic, then you cannot say anything else about God.
You cannot say "God is..." or "God wants..." or "God hates..."
You could have no religion, no faith. Only hopeless guesswork.

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