Police capture 14-ft boat circling out of control





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Published on Mar 15, 2009

Police in Tampa captured a 14-foot boat circling out of control off Davis Islands.

Officers say the boater was about 75 yards from shore near Peter O'Knight Airport when he lost control.

He jumped overboard an swam to safety, leaving the boat unattended.

An officer managed to jump onto the boat and turn off the engine. No one was hurt.

Police say the boater will be cited with careless operation.

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Tariq Khan
This entire video needs Benny Hill music in the background to make it interesting.
This was the wrong way to handle this. The cops should have jumped into the water, and swam really fast in circles until they were able to safely board the vessel. Basic boating safety 101.
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Jmichael Isbell
Before I read the replies, I KNEW one or more would answer you like you were dead serious. We all know, of course, they should have used precision trained special forces with parachutes to land on the spinning deck--no problem for those guys--good practice for those guys, and an inexpensive operational training opportunity.
Kaleb Gullan
+GlobalTubeTruth haha trolling they dont get it fpthe idiots😂
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I dunno, seems like a lot of resources wasted on a boat that would have eventually run out of gas...
Jmichael Isbell
It really depends, I think. IF it was spinning in an area with no one around, maybe hang back and let it run, but if close to people, a different story. Hard to know. Sooo many options, toss a rope into the propeller--I've seen it done, I've even seen an engine SHOT to stop it dead, really dead. Those guys did alright, IMO
Jd Texan
no public safety agencies would just let it run out of gas tho, its too much of a liability to let it run un manned
if the boat was black they would have shot at it.....
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and then sprinkle some crack on it- just to be safe
Jmichael Isbell
You made me laugh, thanks. But if it were black AND white, would it still have been a "black boat"?
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Brett Yon
and that's why you loop he kill-switch around your wrist.  any questions?
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Jmichael Isbell
YES-that is a good point
F Huber
+Jmichael Isbell You can manually hold the kill switch with your fingers and run the motor. Very inconvenient and you won't hold it for more than a couple of minutes at a time, but it works.
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4 grown men....  two decked out boats and a chopper ....and nobody had a clue what to do.......   tax payers dollars at work
+landcruiserbj74 tax payers need to get a better group of employees and expect to pay more taxes.
Get Money
let it run out of gas lol
Richard Baker
throw a rope in the propeller... seems safer
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channel papy
It seems wired control steering and throttle. if it will be not done ,they should throw rope to screw. it will break just tiny pin of shaft joint
Skipper Will
akio asou you obviously have no idea of how an outboard engine works, the throttle is on the tiller at the rear and turns like a motorbike handle bar so putting a lasso to stop it would be impossible throwing a rope in the prop would work 100x as well because it would tangle with the prop stopping it from making thrust and moving the vessel. I should know I have got rope round my prop to many times to count
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Jmichael Isbell
 Easy to criticize but I thought the cops did OK--they were patient, and NO, they did not damage any boat--look sharp and you can see they didn't.  For what it's worth, I do think throwing a rope into the prop was a good idea, or tossing a loop onto the engine cowling, but they did OK.  The guy who screwed up was the boater, who was boating alone (wrong) and not wearing a kill switch that would have prevented the incident in the first place.
yes job well done say what we want
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