MONDAY: Are you the token fat friend??





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Published on Jul 16, 2012

Please answer! :)

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I'm the token many things when I get out athiest,youtuber,fat guy, I try my best to say fuck it and have the best time I can sometimes it's not possible though.
I experience this when I'm out with my best friend. we've known each other since we were kids and I always felt like the fat one. I'm a size 18 and she's about a size 4. On the outside, our body types are total opposites, but I can honestly say that I've never found anyone else who is as similar to me as she is, and that is how I deal with it. Knowing that she could care less how big I am, helps put away the negativity I feel when we're out somewhere. And then I try my best to care less too. 
I don't go out much, but when I do go out it's w/ my best friend who is super skinny & we usually end up meeting up w/ friends of hers who are skinny as well, so yes, I am usually the only bigger girl in the group. I definitely feel the same way as you, & guys will usually only talk to me in order to talk to my friend. I am normally a more reserved person, so I normally drink to loosen up, b/c I then feel more comfortable letting my personality show rather than relying on my physical appearance.
1. Most of the time I am the token fat girl. 2.. I don't think everyone thinks that I'm the token fat girl. But I know some people are thinking that. Words like grenade come to mind. I'm actually pretty and present myself just as good as my hot friends but yeah some people just see the fat girl. 3. I try to concentrate on the great time we are having. But there have been times when I'm at a party and my hot friends are getting attention from guys and I start to feel horrible. 
I totally am, but thankfully most of my friends are guys. Doing girl's nights out have been a rare thing for me because I start to feel really self-conscious. The only way I can remedy feeling awkward is to remember how many achievements I've accomplished and how good and generous of a person I am. 
nope nation
I need to say you are attractive as hell!!!!Ya I know what you mean I always feel that way and Ya im the fat girl lol.But o well i get better sex then them I know lolxD I guess I act like it doesnt bother me I act like I am hot or hotter then them its the confidence that gets me attention. I think that I have someone who loves me for me at home and they cant keep there hands off me and i dont have to stress about my weight or anything because he will still always love me and that i am lucky :)
I've been the token fat girl. Especially when I'm with family. I have an incredibly beautiful family. All of the women are gorgeous. Men too. I'm the only fat one though. And it does suck sometimes. I'm open about talking about my fatness, and so is everyone else in my family for the most part. So we just do a lot of joking around. Most of the time it's fine and funny. But there are those times where I just become a bitch and don't want to be around anyone. No one understands that. 
Yeah I have always been that friend even if it was never said.. I knew it because I always had skinnier friends and they were always more pretty and getting all the attention.. but I realized everyone is different I do not want to be recognized as just another pretty girl I want to be realized for being different or more intellectual or something less physical.
The token fat friend factor was part of the reason I hated going out in college.
All the fucking time. My sister and I have actually heard the term DUFF. Dumb, ugly, fat friend. I know I'm not dumb or ugly, but I have many many skinny friends! I'm fucking single, and I can pretty much bank on the fact that I am NOT getting hit on going out. In fact, it's happened maybe twice in my lifetime of bar visits.
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