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Published on May 20, 2007

If you knew that your future child was going to be sent to hell, would you still conceive the child?

Why would a god create a person knowing he is going to hell? Isn't that sadistic?

For Parents, could you send your kids to hell, even for just a little while, to suffer in agony? Could you send them there for eternity? If not, isn't your love stronger than any god that would?

If a god knew that appearing to the world would save millions from going to hell, wouldn't it be immoral to hide? Wouldn't you do anything possible to save someone you love from hell? Why wouldn't a god, that claims to love us, do everything possible to save us?

One of the definitions for love is "affectionate concern for the well-being of others." If a god is not willing to save a person from hell, doesn't that mean the god does not love the person?

Is it moral to punish someone for their parent's actions? Should you be charged with murder if your father murdered someone? How about your grandfather, great-grandfather? Is a god immoral if he does punish someone for others crimes? Should we worship something that is clearly immoral?

Actions are more important than beliefs.

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Most of us would be much better as God. I'd create a world without famine, war and disease. No one would would be evil: no murderers, pedophiles and thieves. Everyone would be happy and prosperous. Why wouldn't an all-loving god do that?
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Ray Rupertus
Because god is made by man, not the other way around.   God is definitely man made
Alayah W
+chewchewtrain I'm not sure what you mean by "make the world bigger" though 
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The only way I can believe in God is by accepting that he is in fact a cunt
Exodus 20 vs Numbers 31, tis 2 amazing contradicting chap. God gave the commandments & break the commandments.. best part God interested Virgin girl numbers 31-38.. check tis 2 chap 
i do believe god is the sum total of all..the living universe.we are spirits that are "connected" to god..we know right from wrong..reincarnate..we are in this vehicle (mind and body)it and our circumstance determined by karma(what we have earned/need)...this belief is backed up by what I see and experience..it all makes sense..we don't "die" ..but  leave the material world and when ready return in whatever way we need to..there are infinite realities to experience..finally.. we stay a spirit ...(heavenish)this I do believe and it makes me happy..ps..there is no satan or hell..its god giving us every possible experience to learn/grow/react to..homeless person tests you...war challenges you..no hell..sorry one fallen angel causes all the bad.??..please..
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Brocialist Party of America
What a load of New Age nonsense
+JS Protiva please..can you translate into regular speak..not sure what your point is ..thanks. 
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Jim Morace
You left out the most important question if god is all knowing & all loving why create hell in the first place? or create  us for that matter????
if God is not good,he would carry you into hell alive without giving you a chance 2 repent?
When you take them as reality, the Abrahamic religions are frightening and don't make sense. When you consider them as myth, they're still incoherent and morally reprehensible, but at least you can sleep at night.
Cami Petris
God is good!! GOD IS VERY GOOD!!!!!
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Aerielle Saguil
Cami Petris oh yeah, he is good! As a matter of fact, there are kids with bone cancer because he is GOOD! Little girls getting raped and killed because he is GOOD!
Yeah, Hell is pretty good too. Thanks for creating that God!
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Mark jefferson Cabarus
god is dood person who helping people and who died when you pray you will be survive
Aerielle Saguil
Mark jefferson Cabarus HAHAHA!
Jennifer Johnson
I hope The Holy Spirit deserves to get raped in the pussy.
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