Drama Beats: You Can Tell Lil Wayne Skateboards Every Day





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Published on Sep 18, 2012

Drama Beats speaks on the celebrities he's hung out with at the Fantasy Factory, including Lil Wayne, who he says impressed him by letting Rob Dyrdek pull him around on a go-kart . He also shares his thoughts on LIl Wayne's progress as a skateboarder, saying that it's obvious that Wayne practices everyday, unlike someone like Lupe Fiasco, who Drama believes has "never stepped on a skateboard before.

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Kris Smith
I don't know what you clowns sayin dramas a fake skater and fronts are talkin about, I've seen him and rob at stoner plaza park and drama is pretty fuckin good. He's not a front, that's for sure, dudes got tricks straight up.
Drama's an idiot; Lupe never said he was a skateboarder. Just cuz "Kick Push" was a famous song about skating doesn't mean he made every single song about it. he's an artist who has tackled many different topics. Why lil wayne is a chump in my book is because he put on the full skating image in public & in videos before even learning how to properly. If I'm an undergrad and plan to graduate medical school in 10 years, many would call me an idiot if I started putting "Dr." in front of my name. Wayne could barely even stand and ride on a board when he started marketing himself as a "skater", including the Mountain Dew deal. 
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Chad Rayner Hopsin will call out anyone for a public reaction, it's his only tactic for relevancy. and obviously NOW Wayne loves skating, my comment was 3 years ago speaking on 2010 Wayne.
Chad Rayner
afropick93 drama is not an idiot haha you're stupid everything he said is absolutely correct even Hopsin called out Lupe. Wayne actually skates and loves it. you're being negative so suck a dick. 😂
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I hate Lil Waynes music, but you gotta respect the fact that he is always just himself
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aa aa
+Cess Xiii i see vids of him skateing all the time hes not that great. He did alot for southern rap
Cess Xiii
+shawno009 hmmmm i dunno... being himself? fake skater (has long since stopped doing it lol), fake guitar player (he dropped that SUPER fast once he flopped, n info came out that Kevin Rudolph played it all lol), fake rapper (from Juvie, to Gilly, to Drake, and more, he been had writers LOL TQ's manifesto aired that out BIG TIME. lol Can you say "Corey Gunz", kids? lol), fake gang banger (as 50 said, if he was signed at 13 n on TV since 14, when did..he..have..time..to... LOL).. even his bullet scar is from posing with a gun n shooting himself! LOL so if he is himself,i ask you, who is he? to me? Lil Wayne is a character that Dwayne Carter acts out. He buys his scripts (raps) from people, then acts out the role. He BEEN playin roles. lol
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Alex Martin
drama beats sound like vlad lmao
haha its hard to tell when one stops talking and the other starts
I love how Drama is just a real dude. He had fame and money handed to him by Rob but he doesn't seem cocky or arrogant, he just seems like a good dude. Glad he didn't change from the guy he was in the beginning picking up dog poop and wiping Icy Hot on Big Blacks cheeks on Rob & Big.
Chansten Chow
+JIMMY NEUTRON That was all scripted though lol. Even if he is a legit good dude, you cant compare the real him to reality tv
Yeah, fuck all those little people right? You realize you've done nothing besides being some douchebag's cousin, right?
Don't Read My Profile Picture
yea and would anyone know about him or his brand if it wasnt for rob? no.
John Feinstein
He's a muti millionaire off his own clothing line. Don't hate the hustle hate the game
Louie Alouie
Drama said it was funny how Lupe Fiasco claimed to be a skateboarder...and how it was offensive to the skateboarding culture....I wonder if  Drama realizes he's doing the same thing claiming to be a music producer... Drama you're not a music producer just because your rich cousin built you a music studio and you play around on your mac using fruity loops and ProTools.
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Brandon Kalkhoff
hahaha Im sure he uses FL Studio 10 man. literally all he is doing is what every EDM producer does. Makes beats and fruity loops is childsplay. If youve everr actually listened to his shit you would know. Hes produced beats for more then a handful of artists and is good at it. Now STEVE AOKI is a FAKE music producer
Louie Alouie
I am!
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Anthony Hernandez
The same way skateboarders can tell if u skate just by watching someone get on a skateboard we can tell if someone plays guitar just by how they hold it. Wayne doesn't play guitar.
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+E Games Facts
E Games
+Anthony Hernandez what your both saying is right. he is just stating that because he lost a lot of his fans so he wanted more ones that were different that she listens to what kind of music nowadays. So you completely changed everything about him like pretending to play guitar and skating and it's obvious he's appealing to those kind of fans and somehow it actually worked because all the rap fans left and he got somehow more mainstream even though no one liked his new stuff
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Hopsin is pretty good at skating and rapping 
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